"I wonder if he liked the food." the slight blood elf laid on the goblin's bed in Ratchet.

"I wonder if your father would kill you if he found out you had a crush on an old orc." the goblin countered back.

The blood elf rose and moved her way to a work bench without answering.

The goblin sighed heavily. "You need to just leave the old orc alone. That Crew of his is as protective of him as they are any other member and if the rumors of him being sick is true, they'll be even more protective than usual."

The blood elf turned and stared coldly at the goblin before laying several parts out and making notations in her book.

"Yes, yes... I know you aren't out to hurt the old orc, but you will. It's rumored he is dying and your kind isn't exactly known to be the most compassionate when it comes to other races." The goblin set a couple of more parts out beside the blood elf and the blood elf began assembling some devices.

"Has anything about me ever struck you as being like any of my kind?"

"Nope, and thats why I've let you stay. Oh, not there dear, that piece needs to go here for it to work right."

A slight nod from the blood elf and conversation turned to mechanical matters.

((A Few Days Later)) "Well?" the blood elf stared at the goblin.

"Come now, you had to of heard that hollar." the goblin stared back.

"That was cause of my letter? That was not the reaction I was hoping for." She tapped the pen against her lips.

"Listen, he's an old orc. Just leave him alone. Besides you have work to do. Now here's the map I promised you. Don't dawdle. They are expecting you in Tanaris before the night is over." The goblin handed her the map and gently showed her out the door.

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