Adann Duskedge Edit

Title: The Huntinghawk
Faction: Alliance
Race: Night Elf
Class: Hunter
Professions: Alchemist/Engineer
Guild: The Iron Seraphim
Birthplace: Starfall Village, Winterspring
Current Home: Stormwind City
Gender: Male
Height: 7'6"
Weight: 245 lbs
Hair color: Dark blue
Skin tone: Pale blue
Eyes: Ice-gray, faint amber glow

Appearance Edit

Adann Duskedge is a wildfire, bright and reckless, unpredictable and destructive. His features call to mind some sleek and malicious bird of prey. His face is a study in angles and edges -- sharp cheekbones, prominent nose, angular jaw. His body is lean and corded in muscle, a weapon of war.

There's always a glitter in his eyes, an edge to his smiles. In his manner and bearing is the sort of arrogance that marks a fighter who's too good, too young.

Personality Edit

Adann is cocky and insufferably arrogant. A natural gift for war has made him overconfident, sure that he'll never lose. Unfortunately, he's right most the time. His chief interests seem to be axes, war and women. He shows no interest in advancing himself, nor stepping up to take a more adult role in society.

Despite all that, he's a good enough sort, possessing both a fundamental sense of honor and an underlying decency of being. He's good to his friends, loyal to his allies. Though there are rumors of a surprisingly nasty temper that flares up in the rare cases he's on the losing end of a battle, Adann seems, for the most part, a bright, charismatic fellow.

Quotes Edit

"Motherfuckers GET ON ME NOW!" -- ever so politely requesting an escort in Warsong Gulch while carrying the flag.

Companions Edit


Morningstar and Adann are well matched. Both burn bright and hot, and endlessly certain of their own speed and strength. Rumor has it Morningstar is descended from the Rake of Mulgore, however, which might at least give reason for this young lion to carry himself with pride.

Relations Edit

Kathurikai Duskedge
The elder brother of Adann, Kathurikai is the night to Adann's day. A solitary, eldritch creature of savage courtesy and glacial honor, Kathurikai is a reminder of what the Kaldorei were, before they were merely the night elves.

Cabre is an undead mage who frequently fights against Adann. However, there are reports that the two have been spotted hugging and dancing on the field...

A young druidess of no mean ability, Coora is one of Adann's favorite flagrunners.

An accomplished priestess for her age, Lornessa kept Adann alive through many a Gulch run.