Description Edit


Adonia in her old home in Darnassus.

Name: Adonia Moonwhisper
Race: Night Elf
Age: 263
Birthplace: Ashenvale
Appearance: Long purple hair, fair blue/purple skin with magenta marks on the face. Adonia is usually seen in a white wool dress as she loves to wear robes/dresses. The only time she would not be in this attire would be in battle or exploring new lands.
Class: Hunter
Professions: Leatherworking/Skinning
Affiliations: Guild Leader (Empress) of Silver Cascade.

Personality Edit

Adonia is generally an easy going elf that is nice towards everyone she comes across. Since she comes from an aristocratic background, she talks very properly and mannerly. Because of her upbringing, Adonia does not drink any “regular” alcohol; she only drinks fine wines occasionally at dinners and parties. Even though she comes from an aristocratic background and seems high class, Adonia is friendly and open towards everyone, regardless of their race, gender and class.

Adonia is the type of night elf who tries to always have a smile on her face. Even when she’s having a bad day (or week) the only visible sign will be a sigh. Sometimes it takes encouragement and a little bit of pestering to get her to open up about her troubles. But any friend or stranger that shows kindness towards her will always be thanked and valued by her.

Childhood Edit


Former Moonwhisper manor which is now an inn located in Astranaar.

As a child, Adonia was always eager to explore. Growing up in Ashenvale, she ventured to every lake and field possible, without getting into much trouble. Her life had started out quite peaceful, as she came from an extremely wealthy family. The home that is now an inn located in Astranaar is where Adonia spent most of her childhood.

A dramatic event that left Adonia emotionally scarred was when the Forsaken invaded Astranaar. Their eyes and hearts (or what was left of them) were set on disturbing the peace and murdering the most highly respected family in the city; the Moonwhisper family. The reason behind the Forsaken's vendetta is still unknown to this day. But the only remaining victims from the attack were two sisters from a family of six; Adonia and her younger sister, Tevina. Adonia being the older of the two had the ability to comprehend what was happening, but was in no physical form to fight back. Her younger sister was only an infant durin the time of the invasion and could not remember most of the event. Afterwards, the two sisters were thus taken in by the Nightshadow family (who were also wealthy members of the community). Recovering from the incident was a lot for Adonia to handle, but during the time she became good friends with a daughter of the Nightshadow family; Mendra.

Relationships Edit


Adonia and Strife.

The young huntress has been in only a few romantic relationships in her lifetime. She claims that the one that will always have her heart is her loyal worg, Strife. Some while ago, Adonia broke off from a relationship with another night elf that was taking too much of an emotional toll on her. The result left Adonia untrusting of most male elves (especially rogues), although she still manages to be polite and courteous to all. Recently, an old friend of the huntress has reappeared; a night elf rogue to be exact. Although Adonia feels a strong connection towards him and cares for him greatly, she is still unsure of where their relationship stands. Still on her guard and afraid to be hurt again, Adonia's heart is in a state of mixed feelings.

Recent Developments Edit

Adonia is currently working on developing her skills as a huntress. Occasionally enlisting in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin, Adonia enjoys fighting horde alongside her comrades. She has recently returned to Ashenvale and spends a lot of her time culling the corrupted furblogs from her homeland. When not in battle, Adonia can be found exploring every corner of Ashenvale with Strife.

Adonia is the guild leader of Silver Cascade.