The Girl Edit

Name: Adorila Lunarithris

Race: Night Elf

Class: Feral Druid

Gender: Female

Age: 34

Trades: Alchemist and Herbalist

House: Sunpath Riders

Shan'do: Leriqite

Family: Ehlwen (Sister)

Physical Stats Edit

Height: 6'7

Weight: 137 lbs

Eyes: Silver

Tribal Markings: Butterfly Design

Skin Color: Pale pink

History Edit

The Early Years

Adorila was born five years prior to the start of the First War, though her family knew nothing of the struggles of the other races on the Eastern Kingdoms. How could they? A massive ocean and a forebidding maelstrom separated the two continents. Not very much about the first several years of her life could be said, for they were in relative peace. It was not until her thirteenth summer that her life was turned somewhat upside-down. Her parents concieved another child and gave birth to a second daughter, one with skin more violet in color than Adorila. This second daughter was named Ehlwen, after a forest that the family's patriarch had seen many, many years ago.

The Third War

When the Third War came to the shores of Kalimdor five years previous, Adorila had reached the age of twenty nine, her sister was eleven years of age and while the two had their occasional arguments, they got along for the most part. The war ravaged many of the forests, and when it finally came to Ashenvale Forest, the sisters' parents went off to join in the army. Since Adorila was old enough to take care of her sister, she did so while eagerly awaiting news of the battles, which sounded closer daily.

After an immense amount of waiting, the first messages poured in that there was a truce between the warring races being called in, that the Burning Legion had returned. Adorila and her sister began to pray to Elune to keep their parents from harm. Eventually, the two could see a massive form blotting out the sun, up where they knew the World Tree, Nordrassil, was. As it climbed the tree, the two held each other tightly, fearing the worst. Then he simply exploded in a grand display of light. It was another week before they would receive news that their parents had died while trying to prevent the Archdemon Archimonde entry to Nordrassil.

Adorila lost much of her faith in Elune that day and began to study Druidism as her primary religion. Finally, at the age of thirty-three, she sent her sister into the care of the Temple of Elune and set off to learn about the world.

Recent History Edit

Teldrassil and Darkshore

Adorila wandered around the lands of the Kaldorei for a year before she was finally pointed in the direction of Teldrassil, the abomination of nature conceived in a fit of desperation by the ArchDruid Fandral Staghelm. She arrived in Shadowglen late one afternoon and began her biggest journey yet. She spent nearly a week under the boughs of the beautiful, but corrupt, tree. Finally, at reaching her twelfth season of experience, she undertook her first step of Feral training and learned to become a bear. It was three more seasons of experience before she left the safety of Darkshore and crossed the ocean for the first time in her life. Once on the other side, she saw the beauty of the Wetlands and Loch Modan, but she fell in absolute love with the frigid Dun Morogh.

In the city of Ironforge, she found the tram to Stormwind and eventually made her way to Westfall, where she aided the local militia in stemming the Defias somewhat. Of course, for every one cut down there were dozens to take his or her place, so she eventually returned to Darkshore and garnered the second of her feral forms: the Sealion. For the next season of experience, she moved between Darkshore and Westfall, helping out as much as she could in both places.

The Sunpath Riders

One evening in Darkshore, she met a group of individuals standing on the docks, waiting for a ship, she presumed. This group greeted her warmly and invited her to a gathering that was to be held shortly. She smiled and told them that she would love to join, but first had some business to take care of in Westfall. About fifteen minutes after the bells rang nine hours past noon, she arrived back in Darkshore and immediately made for the small island upon which the gathering was being held. Everyone there treated her as an equal, though she was not of their house. And when called upon to speak before the fire, she even shared some details about a horrifying event she had witnessed. All-in-all, she loved being in the company of these people and was immensely saddened when her need for rest called her away.

During her first foray into the Redridge Mountains a few days later, Adorila saw a path leading into Duskwood to the south. Overcome with curiosity, she followed the path into the town of Darkshire and found that they were rather xenophobic towards her sudden appearance out of a great bear. Fearful, she quickly met with the Gryphonmaster and followed the path towards the East, into Deadwind Pass and the Swamp of Sorrows. She met with an arachnid in the Swamp of Sorrows, one that chased her clear back into Deadwind Pass and into the waiting talons of a Sky Shadow.

Scared out of her mind, the bear spirit inside of her took control of the situation and... fled. It ran at breakneck speeds along the northern road of Deadwind Pass and finally came to a stop above a river. The Sky Shadow was still in hot pursuit, so the bear leapt off of the cliff and then chose to relinquish control back to Adorila. She hit the water and was knocked unconscious, the current carried her down the river to the tower of Medivh: Karazhan.

When she awoke, she was frightened beyond belief and quickly fled back to the safety of the Moonglade with but a simple spell. That evening, she found herself in the Goblin town of Ratchet and recognized nothing. Unbelievably lost, she made her way to a large building that the Goblins called the "Drunken Kodo". There, seated around a fire, she found several of those that were at the fire several days past. Glad to see semi-familiar faces, she sat down with them and conversed on whatever subject came up. She learned that the group called themselves the Sunpath Riders and that they were an officially-recognized house by the Alliance. ((A guild))


After this miniature gathering, she found a fellow Druid wandering away and flagged her down for a brief, private discussion. Not knowing why herself, she confided in this woman, Leriqite, of her problem with controlling the bear mind and asked for advice. She was given much sound advice and finally it was suggested that she apply for membership in the house of the Sunpath Riders. Heeding the advice given, Adorila did just that and was officially inducted into the house on a Saturday in late October, at the next gathering.

Emboldened by this, Adorila redoubled her efforts to train and quickly grasped the intracacies of the Feline form, one that seemed tailor-made for her. The Bear form had come under her control after she learned about it and quickly she returned to Duskwood, determined to make those that lived there see things her way. She found that they were much friendlier when she approached as her true form and was even allowed to rent a room in the Scarlet Raven Inn, one that she kept for nearly three weeks while she helped matters in Duskwood. It was during this time that she passed clear through to her twenty ninth season of experience.

The Emerald Dream

Of all the subjects that Adorila could have found fascination with, she found herself most drawn to The Emerald Dream, even going as far as to try and enter two of the four great portals scattered across the world. In Ashenvale, she received a scar from the blade of a Dragonkin, one that still persists in causing her grief. After receiving the scar, she toned down her attempts to enter the Dream, but still secretly desired it more than anything else in the world.

While in a brief visit to Darnassus, she suddenly felt inexplicably tired and had to lay down in some bushes when she realized that her body would not go any farther. In this unnatural sleep, she first entered the Emerald Dream and beheld what was happening to it. The sights she saw left a lasting impression on her and when she finally awoke again, she did not feel rested. Quite frequently ever since that day, she has found herself drawn into the Dream while she sleeps, and it leaves more of a mark on her every time. Many days she simply cannot find the strength to go about adventuring and, instead, spends the day in a major city. It is as though the Dream is somehow taking her strength through contact alone. Contact that she cannot stop, no matter how much she wants to.

Accidental Murder

After finishing her business in Duskwood, Adorila returned to Stormwind to celebrate. She remembered some errands that a man in the Mage's Quarter had wanted run and found herself bound for the Wetlands to gather some roots. At the base of the Stonewrought Dam, she found the roots in question and before another hour was up, she was back in Stormwind, presenting her findings to the man. He thanked her and told her to give a "refreshing" beverage to a minor noble waiting for his audience with the King in one of the waiting rooms of the keep.

Adorila delivered the beverage to the noble and watched, in horror, as he died before her eyes. Feeling unbelievably sick, she turned and ran from the keep as fast as she could. What horrified her even more was the fact that she had achieved her thirtieth season of experience from his murder. Everywhere she ran, she found people staring at her. Finally too tired to think about anything else, she found herself in the Park. There, she trained more in her skills and found that she could now turn into a Cheetah.

Using her newfound power, she ran from Stormwind to the wilds of Stranglethorn Vale, where she was last seen.