Name: Aedwinn Eislandir

Race: Forsaken

Class: Mage

Professions: Herbalism and Skinning

Age: 24 (at time of Passing, doesn't keep count anymore)

Hair: Frost Blue

Eyes: Lurid yellow

Appearance: Soft of speech and slight of breath, this walking corpse bears the weight of undeath with a grace and dignity most likely carried over from life. An effort has been made toward the upkeep of the rotting body within which this soul dwells, judging by the eccentric yet groomed spikes of hair that rise in spires from his scalp and the adornment of varicolored charms and jewels around his wrists and ankles. The musky smell of death does not rise off him like some of his less-mindful kin. In fact, he carries bags of strong smelling herbs on his person at all times, giving him a deep, earthy scent. His movements and posture suggest a weak and feeble frame, but the near palpable aura of power that emanates from him, a signature of many if not all mages, provides a sign that he is not merely a mindless corpse, but an individual being capable of learning and developing great magical power.


Although Aedwinn is not initially the most talkative fellow, when it comes to certain topics such as Art or Magical Theory, he will gladly take part in a friendly conversation. Because he doesn't see Undeath as a curse or even a setback, it isn't difficult for him to live a life with the humanity he once had intact. He remembers his life and his death, and applies the teachings of the Forsaken (patience, discipline) to his own agenda of finding his teacher Samedius, who also rose as an Undead with a soul. Because he died a student of magic, he jumps for the opportunity to learn from others more powerful than he, and treats his superiors with the respect he was taught when he was alive. His respect for mages even extends to the Alliance, as he will do nothing to kill another mage regardless of race. The Light, however, is not something he can regard with love. He despises Paladins and human Priests, and though he is composed in the face of all Alliance, he battles the urge to utter a string of curses and charms against these classes.

Aedwinn has always had a sense of aesthetic taste that carried over into undeath. He is humble on the surface when underneath he wishes for the privilege he had before he died when he wore fine cloths and scintillating jewels and collars. He is interested in making his own money now, and makes a living selling herbs and skins in hopes that one day he accumulates enough wealth to be able to live as he once did. Until then, he admires the well-to-do on their powerful steeds, wrapped in their opulent robes and bedecked with glowing weapons of efficiency and artistic beauty.



Aedwinn Eislandir, Mage's Apprentice

Born on a small farm in Lordaeron, Aedwinn Halbmond lived a simple life. His parents and siblings were interested in the upkeep of the farm and not much else. They were content to be clueless about Politics and Art and Religion, and were rednecks in ways Aedwinn abhored. He dreamed of being an artist or an actor, something daring and fun, and getting away from the country for good.

On a trip to the market with his mother, Aedwinn noticed a mysterious man sitting in a black coach. Beside him sat a large white dog, and in his grasp was a black staff that matched his black robes. His eyes gazed through the crowd at this man for some time, until the wide brim of the man's hat rose, and his sharp blue eyes met with Aedwinn's like spears of ice. Not knowing what better graces to take, Aedwinn simply bowed his head in respect at the man, and turned away quickly. Sneaking a final look into the carriage, he noticed the man nodded back to him. It was a slight gesture, and Aedwinn was surprised he had even detected it. "That man has power..." He said under his breath. He realized he'd lost his mom amongst the many consumers, and headed toward her booth where he found her setting up her produce.

Chance EncounterEdit

Aedwinn's father, Sebastian, lost the farm soon after this encounter. He was not paying his taxes as he should have been. As quick as the wind, Aedwinn's family fell into poverty, and they gathered the last bits of their belongings and headed north toward his uncle's ranch. Aedwinn saw this as an opportunity to find his own way in life, and he ran away from his family toward Lordaeron, leaving them a heartfelt note full of words they probably couldn't even read.

Though he had escaped his family, he did not escape poverty, and he fell into a large rut that made him leave Lordaeron and travel to Dalaran. It was here, while in a drunken stupor and close to death that he was met with a familiar pair of eyes. It was the man from the farmer's market, dressed splendorously in a black robe and carrying that same staff, with the same white hound by his side. He was taken in by this man, whose name was Samedius Eislandir, and he was cleaned and fed, and given the opportunity to work for the dark-skinned mage and learn from him as an apprentice.

Aedwinn was a quick study. He was taught the theories of Art and different painting and drawing techniques, as Samedius was a well-to-do artist. He also learned magic, as Samedius was a skilled magician and a practitioner of an old pagan religion that had little to do with "Light" and more to do with the primal forces of nature, namely, Fire and Ice. His home was large and filled with beautiful peices of art, and he had employed inanimate objects to work as housekeepers and stable-tenders, amongst other mundane tasks. Though Samedius' magic was strong however, the political power of the church was even more so.


Samedius, the Mage

Order of the Flaming SwordEdit

The Church itself had no true dominion over Samedius' practices, but a certain fanatical group that grew from within it devised a way to "punish" Samedius and put an end to his "eccentric" lifestyle. During a walk outside the manor, along a main road, Samedius and Aedwinn were approached by a group of white robed priests with red hoods, and paladins bearing the same colors. They did not hesitate to begin a fight, provoking Samedius to make use of his deadly powers. Aedwinn joined into the battle, summoning ice to slow the attackers while Samedius formed explosions of arcane energy to knock them dead. These enemies were well guarded from magic, and eventually they overcame both the Mage, and his apprentice.

There was a reading of religious nonsense and the sound of magical energy fizzling into harmless sparks and waves as Samedius bristled and hissed with power, struggling to be freed from the anti-magic ropes that bound him. Aedwinn stood nearby, held fast by members of the Order, waiting for his turn to die. Samedius looked into Aedwinn's eyes and began to chant. It was not a magical chant, but a religious one. Aedwinn recognized its lilting tongue and listened closely. "What death befalleth me, befalleth ye ten-thousand fold. By thine own depravity ye shalt perish, 'neath the moon so wise and old."

The rope suddenly grew taut, and Samedius' neck snapped painfully. His body convulsed and his eyes bulged as his mouth twisted and became rigid and grotesque. The Order members bowed their heads, praying that his soul be cleansed by the True Light of the Burning Ones, the flames of Infernal Enlightenment.

Aedwinn was next, and his teacher was gone. The man who'd given him so much... Why didn't he fight harder? What is the purpose of allowing one's self to die? This enraged him, and he prayed to the Primal Forces that they fill him with the strength to bring justice to these fanatical religious fools. What importance is such a thing to the Primal Forces though? Why would They tilt Their ears to Aedwinn when so many other things weigh heavier upon Creation than a mere human soul? There was no help for Aedwinn. But the magics were not finished with him, or Samedius.

When the rope went rigid with weight and Aedwinn's own eyes began to bulge and his own mouth contorted into a perpetual scream of agony, his vision was invaded by bright sparks of light and pain ran down his spine like coils of hot iron burning deep inside his vertebrae. His neck did not break, and he struggled for air although it was apparently futile. In his last few moments his soul cried out in anguish, and a promise was made that he would return to destroy the church and the "light" even if he had to claw up through the earth in a body of rotting flesh to do it.


Flying Mage

The Shining CurseEdit

Aedwinn, whose body was given "religious consideration", lay cold and gray beneath several feet of earth. His rotted form began to twitch ever so slightly, and suddenly he began hearing things above him, as though he were slowly awakening from a deep sleep. His eyes opened slowly, and his chest heaved with airless breath. He was alive again.

The sounds above him grew stronger and stronger, until finally his eyes were pierced with the light of day. A grotesque, ugly, beautiful corpse stood above him clutching dirt in its bony claws. Samedius knelt down and lifted the body of Aedwinn from his grave with a strength that betrayed his current form. "You've done well, Aedwinn." He whispered in a voice laced with venomous power. Aedwinn was weak, but knew his teacher's voice and touch, despite its added frigidity. Samedius carried him several feet, and suddenly rose into the air. Aedwinn knew this was not a possible feat for Samedius before, it was obvious that their current state augmented their magical powers. Samedius glided across the sky with the useless body of Aedwinn for a time, and landed finally before a decrepit crypt.

"This one is important, be sure he rests well so as not to spoil the process. I do not want him dead again..." Samedius said, with that same bladed timbre in his voice. Whoever he was speaking to gave a tired, rusted grunt of approval, "Carry him down and I'll see to it he rests just fine."

"Thank you, Mordo."

Samedius carried Aedwinn into the dark crypt, laying him down inside a severe wooden coffin. All this time Aedwinn's mind was calm, but confused and contemplative. He knew what happened to him, but did not feel to react in any particular way. When Samedius kissed his apprentice on the forehead, and his footsteps began to fade, Aedwinn knew he would be alone. "Do not forget who did this to you son. Do not forget your vengeance. Do not forget me."

And with that, Samedius was gone, and Aedwinn's new life would begin.


Birthday SnakeEdit