First Annual Masquerade Ball, Hosted by Aegis

Basics Edit

Event P.O.C.: Maryjane
Who: Horde
What: Masquerade Ball
Where: Caer Darrow
When: 6/17/06 8:00PM (ST)

You are hereby cordially invited to attend the first annual Masquerade Ball hosted by Aegis.

This event will take place on Saturday, June 17th and begin at 8pm (server time)in Caer Darrow.

Please invite your friends, bring a date or both! The dress will be formal (of course this is open to your own interpretation) and please wear a mask if you have one! It will be BYOB, but please feel free to bring extra drinks! Entertainment at this event will include dueling and a spectacular fireworks show!

These are the directions to Caer Darrow (the area just outside Scholomance): Take the flight path to Tauren Mill, go east to the river, and follow the east bank it leads straight up to Caer Darrow Lake and into Caer Darrow itself. (I walked this path myself the only mobs are a few level 33 cats, which can most likely be avoided.) This should give all members of the Horde the ability to arrive safely at their destination.

For questions and more information (including a map to the location) about this event please contact Maryjayne at