Stats Edit


Name: Aelanisian Belore'anial
Race: Blood Elf
Age: translated to about his 20's
Birthplace: Outside Quel'Thelas
Guild: Harbingers of War

Description Edit

Aelanisian would be handsome if he didn't look so tired all the time. His eyes are shadowed by dark circles and his hair is a careless mess. His armor is, for the most part, dented. His belt carries a mining pick and a jeweler's pick.

Personality Edit

Silent. This is the only way to descrip Aelanisian. He talks in barely a whisper, except when talking to his sister, Vynne, in Silvermoon. He will never look into anyone's eyes, but remains to his duty of protecting his sister, and those helping them.

History Edit

Aelanisian grew up on the out-skirts of Qurl'Thelas with his mother and father. Ten years into his life, his sister Vynne was born. This is where most of his troubles started.

Their mother died giving birth to Vynne. Their father, for who knows what reason, blamed Aelan for her death. Their father thus left Vynne and Aelan and went off to train for war.

Aelanisian and Vynne found themselves in an inn with QUel'Thelas, where Aelan promised to work as much as needed as long as Vynne had food. Most of their lives was thus spent here. Aelan mostly ignored visitors and just kept to his duties, which would sometimes lead him to simply not sleeping.

When the Blood Knights were formed, Aelanisian met his father again as he was off to become a Blood Knight. Aelanisian was about 79 at this point in time. He refused to follow his father's footsteps and stayed with Vynne at the inn.

A year later, Vynne proved to hyper to want to stay within the confines of Silvermoon. She began studying as a priestess, hoping to start exploring. Aelanisian knew he had to do something to protect her if she started traveling. Thus, beyond all judgement, he became a Blood Knight.

Soon after, the two were sent to help at Sunstrider Isle. Upon reaching Falconwing Square, Aelan learned of Jewelcrafting. Having never been able to get jewelry for his little sister, Aelanisian delved into the art in hopes of making up for just that.

At the present, he is seen traveling with Vynne around Azeroth as they continue growing stronger in their arts.

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