Name: Aeliria Sunblossom

Birthplace: Silvermoon City

Race: Blood Elf


Aeliria's precisely styled hair, flawless skin and perfectly buffed nails set off an elegant, high-boned face with large almond-shaped eyes and a small, full mouth. She is short and willow-slim, her female curves subtle but undeniably there, and the frequent gestures of her long slender hands are fluid and graceful even by the standards of her people. Her most characteristic expression is a raised eyebrow, which may signal any number of things depending on context.

Her clothes appear of good quality but unremarkable, however closer inspection reveals subtle marks of exceptional craftsmanship. Her earrings, too, are the intricately filigreed work of a master goldsmith. Around her neck she wears a fine gold chain with a small pendant bearing the emblem of a minor house of nobility over the red and gold insignia of the Royal Guards.

Her cool, light voice is clear, neither shrill nor husky, and effortlessly assumes the crisp cadences of command. She speaks Orcish fluently, although with a distinct Thalassian accent and the slightly too-clear pronunciation typical of non-native speakers; her Thalassian has the flawlessly aristocratic diction and elegant phrasing of the Court of the Sun, although without the "plummy" quality of the royal house.

Early LifeEdit

Born the daughter of a Captain in the Royal Guards of Silvermoon City, Aeliria spent a carefree childhood in the shelter of a carefully constructed cocoon of privilege. Destined for an arranged marriage in the furthering of her father's ambitions in the Court of the Sun, she was raised to be as decorative and as essentially useless as possible. She was the beloved unofficial mascot of the Royal Guards, all of whom adored their "Little Flower," and she spent as much time in their company as possible.

Aeliria grew to young womanhood unquestioning of the beliefs she had been taught. She was secure in the knowledge that she was among the minor nobility of the only truly civilized race on Azeroth, that her city is a place of freedom, and that the Wretched are simply failures who should be eliminated both for the safety of the citizens of Silvermoon and because they have shown themselves to be unworthy of being Sin'dorei. Even the death of her sister, who had become Wretched, at the hands of their father did not change her mind. Her sister was weak, her sister had failed, and so it was in everyone's best interest that her sister die and so remove the stain from the honour of the house. Inspite of her deeply inculcated prejudices and her upbringing, however, she had a very sharp mind, which she began to put to use in studying the lore of the arcane.

Her father, thinking it inadvisable for his daughter to have too comprehensive an education, engaged the services of an extremely competent but very lazy mage, who was happy to comply with the Guard Captain's instructions that Aeliria was to receive the barest minimum of instruction in the arcane, sufficient only for genteel parlour tricks, and to be put off from furthering her studies. Aeliria, however, soon grasped that she was being deliberately held back from higher knowledge, and conspired with her favourite Royal Guardsman to force her tutor to train her properly.

With downcast glances and other feminine wiles, in which she had been trained since girlhood, she slowly but surely inflamed the passion of her tutor, who became convinced that this timid, innocent maiden was ripe for seduction. On the day that her favourite Guardsman was to be on duty outside the door, Aeliria appeared to succumb to her tutor's words of love. She waited until he had begun to undress her, and then screamed for the Guardsman, who immediately entered to find the tutor in a most awkwardly incriminating position. Slapping his hands away from her clothes and body, she coldly informed her tutor that he could choose either to instruct her properly in as much arcane knowledge as she was capable of mastering, in secret, or to be turned over to the Royal Guard for the attempted rape of a Captain's daughter. Wisely, the tutor chose to instruct Aeliria as she wished, and his initial deep resentment of the way he had been trapped slowly gave way to respect for the young woman's courage and intellect, and she progressed rapidly in her studies of magic.

Leaving SilvermoonEdit

When her father begin making inquiries regarding their sons among families whose acquaintance at court he wished to cultivate, Aeliria decided to strike out on her own. She begged her father to allow her to go to Farstrider Retreat, and he grudgingly allowed her to do so but provided her with an escort of eight of the Royal Guard. Aeliria strongly suspected that the guards were as much to prevent her from leaving as they were to ensure her safety, and their obsessive dedication to following her everywhere but the privy seemed to confirm this. Weary of her escort, she contrived to leap from a high window at the Retreat, floating to the ground by means of her arcane skills, and ran away to the Ghostlands.

While hunting Kal'dorei Sentinels in the Ghostlands, Aeliria encountered a young paladin, and the two began to converse. The stranger proved to have an ambition to forge peace between the Alliance and the Horde, particularly between the two estranged Elven kindreds of Sin'dorei and Kal'dorei, and rebuked Aeliria for killing the Sentinels. She, however, considered his ambition ludicrous, shameful and very likely treasonous, and initially would have nothing to do with him, dismissing him abruptly.

She was struck by his gentle manner, however, and even more by the strength of his convictions and his apparent willingness to disregard his own safety and the norms of his culture in pursuing his ideals, and gradually she began to consider what he had said. She did not immediately subscribe to his views, of course, but niggling doubts about what she had been taught slowly began to make themselves felt in her mind.

Rude AwakeningsEdit

Things might have stayed as they were, had she not returned to Silvermoon with the intention of making peace with her father. After several very stormy arguments, she convinced her father that her commitment to the ways of the arcane was firm and that she had gone much too far down the road of her studies to turn aside. She also appealed to his practical nature - given that she wasn't interested in unladylike paths such as that of the warrior or paladin, did it not make sense to him that his daughter be able to defend herself and her city, if need be? Her father grudgingly accepted this, but made a passing mention of the guards she had evaded that stirred her suspicions.

Searching for her favourite Guardsman, the one that had helped her trick her tutor, she discovered that he had since retired from the Royal Guards and was living in quiet solitude in a small house outside the city. She ran to visit him, expecting an open-armed welcome, and was shocked to find that he was not at all happy to see her, and in fact seemed afraid for his own safety.