Race: Night Elf
Class: Druid
Age: Undisclosed
Birthplace: Mt. Hyjal (a small area called Autumnsrest)
Parents: Leienewen Silverstream and Vinicus of Autumnsrest
Professions: Alchemist/Herbalist
Specialties: Nurturing, Language & Foresight
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 158 lbs. (underweight but healthy)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Affiliations: Talah'Dorei


  • Like most female kaldorei, she stands a full head taller than most human males, but is comparatively thin and at times she would have seemed almost frail. The long lean muscles made for running, climbing and leaping present in many of her kind remain absent in her, combat has been something she has always preferred to avoid. Regardless, she appears healthy even beyond her pale complexion.
  • Her hair, a bright shade of emerald green, has been cropped messily short in recent years. The front tends to be somewhat longer than the back and from time to time she feels the need to wear bits of it in tiny braids wrapped in a thin silvery threads.
  • Her ears, since she was a child, have become adorned with a multitude of various baubles, rings and trinkets. She had lost all them at one time but recently she has restarted her collection. They are made from just about everything; glass, metal, clay and wood. In the breeze and when she turns her head they sound faintly like wind chimes.
  • When thinking or listening in on a conversation she has a habit of raising one brow.
  • She is often seen traveling with a plump white rat, a tiny darter sprite, and a large black night saber whose quiet manner seems to echo her own.


At first glance Aerdrienya appears very shy and reserved, she has heard herself referred to as "humble" before. In truth she is much more a watcher and a listener among those she does not know, even when she is with friends though she can seem a bit quiet, preferring to speak when she feels she has something worthwhile to say.

However, once she does speak up she tends to go on almost unending, so much so that when she does catch herself doing this she almost immediately goes quiet again, until something else peaks her interest.

Happiness is something she rarely displays, but the few times she has let loose her feelings, she felt a high that she never wanted to step away from, and it always scares her, forcing herself once again back into silence and often into prolonged solitude.

When Aerdri isn't off exploring her thoughts and her past though she will attempt to prove herself to be as useful as she can be around her peers.

Her distaste for the arcane, the demonic and corruption is evident and seems to fuel another seldom seen emotion... anger.


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