Aerei Searshield
Game Information
Race Blood elf
Class Paladin(former Spellbreaker)
Guild Harbingers of War
Professions Miner/Jewelcrafter
Vital Statistics
Height 5'10"
Weight 158 lbs
Build Very athletic, strong arms
Hair Neck-length, fiery red
Eyes Aqua-glow, disaffected stare
Personal Information
Age (Equivalent to 25)
Birthplace Quel'Thalas
Marital Status Stolidly single
Pets Hikaea(red dragonhawk hatchling)
Family Presumed dead, possibly some in Hinterlands




Aerei comes from a long line of artists. Her family name, Dirienaer, literally means "the many hues of Spring" in an older Thalassian dialect. The name refers to the founder of the line, Esterles, who was famed for his springtime landscape paintings.

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