Name: Ahlluna Mooncry

Age: 47 Years

Birthdate: Undisclosed

Birthplace: Undisclosed

Affliations: None

Known Family: None

Class: Hunter

Race: Night Elf

Quote: "Worry not, for I shall take care of everything and it will all turn out well in the end."

Appearance Edit

Ahlluna bears the face of innocence, with a pleasant smile and bright eyes that glow with a tinge of violet. She has mainly white hair, but a few blue streaks can be seen, usually braided. She looks very, very young for a Night Elf, and doesn't quite have the mature air that can be felt when confronting most elves. Her skin is a pale shade of peach, with full cheeks and long waist-length hair. She walks with a bounce in her step, always, always singing to herself as she walks, stepping lightly to a song she sings or a tune she hums. She almost bobs her head from side to side as she walks, moving to some unknown rhythm.

She normally wears plain dresses with a belt, but when she is hunting or training her owl, Duskfeather, she can be seen wearing a vest and pants.

When speaking, or more often, singing, Ahlluna carries an entrancing voice, nearly catching the attention of everything that hears. She seems to forget everything and everyone else when she sings or even hums, completely lost in her songs or tunes, but always tapping her foot or tilting her head to the rhythm of it. Her songs, however happy, always seem to carry just a tint of sadness to them, noticable, but barely.

She is never, ever seen without her night-black bracers, one on each of her wrists. Strange, unintelligible writing in red, blue and gold can be seen on them. At least, it looks like writing... it could just be scribbles.

Personality Edit

Ahlluna, like said above, has the face of innocence, and seems to be the paragon of innocence as well. When confronted about any kind of adult matters, she will tilt her head and look as if she does not understand. She absolutely adores animals and feels rather uncomfortable around other beings, even other Night Elves. Her love of animals does not extend to Gryphons or Hyppogryffs, being deathly scared of them, and the flying that they represent. She prefers to 'Keep her feet on land at all times, please', and will never, ever fly unless absolutely necessary, to the point where, on her journey to Stormwind, she was extremely glad that she had to speak with the Stormwind Gryphon Master before she could fly there from Menethil Harbor.

Ahlluna is perhaps the closest thing to a happy-go-lucky elf you will ever see. She continually laughs about any random thing, often starting her sentences with a merry 'Hah!' and exclaiming her statements rather than speaking them calmly.

On occasion Ahlluna has been known to have a 'Wise streak'. She greatly cares for the precious few people she knows, and will not stand to see them harmed in any way. She responds to severe immaturity in a very serious and strict manner at times, not tolerating it in the least.

Family Edit

When confronted with this question, Ahlluna will normally dismiss it with an innocent wave of her hands and say ‘Duskfeather is my family.’, perhaps confirming the fact that she has no family, or has run away from them.

Background Edit

Little is known about Ahlluna's background and she may as well have just sprung up from the ground one morning, with an innocent smile and violet eyes. Her pet, Duskfeather, she claims has always been with her, her constant companion, friend, advisor and protector. The quiet owl hardly ever makes a sound, but always watches with unreadable eyes, as if waiting for something. When looking at him you get the impression that there is some higher intelligence to him.

Ahlluna only recently journeyed to Stormwind and the Eastern Kingdoms, knowing very little about many of the creatures there, even to the extent of trying to hug a baby murloc that had wandered a bit far from the nests. Of course, that didn't turn out too well, as Ahlluna suddenly found herself and Duskfeather, running away in terror as a horde of angry murlocs nearly overtook them. She was later told by a friend that murlocs are -not- cute, -not- cuddly and -not- nice.

Rynthalian and Arlunon Edit

While walking through Auberdine, singing to herself, Ahlluna caught the eye of a Kaldorei priest, named Rynthalian. He fell for her at first glance, then after they parted for the first time, he wrote her a letter, expressing his sudden love for her, a small bloom of Arthas' Tears was sent along with the letter. Ahlluna was quite surprised and did not know what to do. After nearly a month, Ahlluna kept the bloom preserved and keeps it weaved into one of her blue braids in her hair. After a full month passed, Ahlluna found Rynthalian again. The two of them remained silent, watching each other for a time, Rynthalian apologizing profusely for his straight-forward behavior. Ahlluna merely smiled and forgave him, not realizing that he still felt this way for her.

After getting to know each other well, Ahlluna fell for Rynthalian also and the two of them now seem completely wrapped up in the other, happy and unaware of anything else.

Ahlluna continued to see Rynthalian, though she had not confessed that she loved him. Then one day, in the docks at Auberdine, Rynthalian said that he had asked Elune for a companion, one that would stay by his side for the long years ahead of him. He said that he felt Elune had granted him this request, and asked Ahlluna if she would stay by his side forever. Ahlluna opened her mouth to speak, but for once, the words would not come. She began to cry, for her brother, Arlunon, a crazed druid, would not allow her to confess her love for Rynthalian.

Ahlluna begged for Rynthalian to wait for her, asking for some time to herself. Rynthalian agreed, sensing something was wrong with Ahlluna, something that only she could resolve.

Recent Events Edit

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