Current InformationEdit

Full Name: Alexander "Alastar" Belmondo
Current Title: Philosophic Vagabond
Race: Human, Male
Class: Warlock
Specialty: Demonology
Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy
Age: 35
Birthplace: Tirisfal
Height: 5'9
Weight: 175 lbs.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Affiliations: N/A
Trademark Quote: "-facepalm-"


He's a very handsome and suave warlock, about thirty five years old. He bears long black hair and a nice thick beard. His dark colors and ominous aura may seem eerie, but overall he seems of no harm. Often he is seen wearing black and green, and sporting a skull helmet. Being partially elven, his ears have subtle points.


Always seen with dark colors, Alastar is a very shadowy person. He is also known as a "master of disguise" and carries around odd trinkets such as an orb of deception as well as Dartol's famed transformation rod. A few scars are on his body although you can't really see then since they're on his chest. If you don't see him with his big staves, he's always got an enchanted blade on his belt. Alastar is very light-hearted and not to be taken too seriously all the time, which is very unusual for a warlock. He tends to be touchy over his personal life, and has strong inital dislikes for most rogues and elitist "evil" warlocks.

Alastar absolutely hates the Scourge, the Scarlet Crusade, as well as heavy supporters of the Forsaken and their plans to create a new plague.

He is often seen with five demons... a sarcastic imp named Rupmat, although is wise, is very annoying. A voidwalker called Hathkrast who is stupid as can be but follows every command Alastar gives. A seductive succubus known as Agantia who tends to not listen to Alastar but is powerful nevertheless. A felhunter who is like Alastar's dog, always loyal and willing... oddly named Gzaaghun. Lastly, the newcomer Flaaghun, a felguard that Alastar enslaved in the Blasted Lands with his newfound powers during the clearing of the Dark Portal, which now features a big camp site.

Alastar is also seen with a worg pup, turtle, and a siamese cat. He has been recently seen with a talbuk patriarch covered in armor.

Known FamilyEdit


The Belmondo Clan consisted of several families, but Trephus Belmondo swayed the family to his favor and took over, and his sons were to be the part of the high council once Trephus was deceased. They were located in the Tirisfal Glades, and almost every single member was killed by the Plague of Undeath.

Annette Belmondo: Alastar's deceased wife. He met her at age seventeen near Elwynn and married shortly after. He had two children with her and they all lived in Duskwood. Alastar loved her very much, but she unfortunately died in the "imfamous demon incident". They were married for ten years.

Lucius Belmondo: Alastar and Annette's first child. He respected his father and wanted to be a woodsman when he grew up, but this did not happen. He died at age eleven from the "imfamous demon incident".

Sarah Belmondo: Alastar and Annette's second child, whom aspired to be a mage like her father once was. She died at age ten from the "infamous demon incident".

Trephus Belmondo: Alastar's father, a half elven Archmage of the Belmondo Clan. He believed Dalaran and the Kirin Tor has inferior ways of teaching, and he strongly believed that all mages required harsh dicipline to succeed, so he broke off all contact with Dalaran when he started his family around age thirty. He was good friends with a mage named Xaran Harridance, until after Belmondo left Dalaran. This led to a minor family feud, due in large part to the Harridance family using the event to propel themselves to higher standing with the nobles of Dalaran. Trephus was supposedly killed by the Plague of Undeath. He is a general all around asshole, and Alastar hated him, even before he was banished.

Sophia Belmondo: Alastar's mother, an ex-mage who eventually became a housewife after her firstborn came to be. She's sweet and caring, but is controlled too much by her husband. Alastar's relationship with his mother was close, but after he was banished for using dark magic, he lost all will to care for his mother after agreeing with the monster he calls his father. She was killed in the Plague as well, but wasn't revived. It is to be noted that she almost bared a child three years after Alaster was born, but the infant died.

Hector Belmondo: Alastar's older brother who served in the Second War as a conjurer, and was killed in combat not too long after the first outbreak, thus making Alastar the main student of Trephus. Alastar didn't have much in common with his brother. Alastar was the spitting image of his brother.

Gerren Belmondo: Alastar's younger brother, about six years younger than him. He eventually learned how much of a bully his father was after Alastar left, and ran away and lived in Dalaran and got his training there. He eventually left just in time to miss Archimonde's destruction of the city, and he is still alive today. Alastar cared much about this little brother, and thought he was dead for years, only to be recently reunited with him. Xaran and Gerren met in the time before the Third War, leading to Xaran's prior knowledge of the exiled son of Belmondo that he would eventually meet in the Plaguelands.

The Cult of Feldar: Alastar's temporary "family" in the Plaguelands, they were a group of misfit human and Forsaken warlocks who banded together for survival and hope of escaping. Most of them were refugees from the now-destroyed Dalaran. They were lead by Xaran, an old, wise warlock.



Born in Tirisfal, Alexander was born in an aristocratic mage family (who immigrated from Dalaran).

He was expected to be a great mage like his father, but his curiosity in old arcane vaults led him to finding tomes of dark magic. He became obessesed with this power and wondered why it was banished, for it could be of great use for humanity. His practices were soon discovered and he was banished from his clan at the young age of sixteen.

He lived in various places for awhile. He settled down in Duskwood and started his new life and eventually met the love of his dreams, Annette. He settled down and had two children over the years, but it was not a happy ending. Eventually Alexander was brought back to his dark ways and one fateful night of doing rituals in the depths of the crypts under Karazhan, he managed to summon a demon on accident which overwhelmed him and pressed on. To spite his summoner, the demon sensed out and caught up with Alexander's household and slaughtered his new family. Alexander watched in horror as it happened and the demon then tried to kill Alexander, but he managed to banish the demon forever.

Consumed with sorrow, Alexander was about to give up all hope with dark magic but then realized, why should he let it all go in vain now? He could learn how to focus it correctly so he couldn't do the same mistake. Until then he moved up to Redridge and discovered a newfound passion, alchemy. Eventually Alexander heard about the Plague of Undeath and travelled up north in fear of his old family, even though they had banished him. Upon returning to his destroyed household, he found nothing there but a few ghouls and managed to slaughter them, and he heard something in the basement. Apparently his father had survived but is stricken with the plague. He told Alexander "Why did you come back..." and then said "Nevermind that... Alexander, I know what you did in the past but times have changed, and I want you to avenge us, the Scourge must be vanquished!". He then handed Alexander his pendant as a keepsake and told him to leave at once for his time was near, before the plague consumed him.

Alexander didn't go home though, he lived in the barrens of the Plaguelands in secrecy for a few weeks until he found a clan of warlocks, consisting of both Human and Forsaken. He learned a great deal of things, such as stabalizing his powers... and here he was given the name "Alastar" by a undisclosed person during the Trials of Darkness... demonic slang for his very name. When the inhabinants of the Plaguelands grew too powerful, the clan broke up and Alastar moved on down south, travelling to Elwynn to seek shelter in the human capital of Stormwind.

Along the way he found a wounded warrior by the name of Duran and he attempted to save him but failed. Duran said he was mortally wounded by a maniac named James Brauner, then he succumbed to his wounds. He noticed he had a guild tabard on and took note of it and moved on. He reached Northshire Abbey and stayed there a few days and stumbled upon a warlock trainer and developed his powers more. The next day after that he set off for Stormwind and looked up in the military directory for that tabard and found it... the guild's name was Iron Blue Intention, led by Sir Arkides Draznel of Stormwind. He eventually found him and told him about Duran and asked if he could join in on the fight, and Arkides accepted.

Alastar grew into a powerful demonologist and didn't let his passion for dark magic go in vain. He used to be a Duke of Iron Blue Intention, as well as an active member of Argent Dawn.

...but most of that has fallen since, namely the Intention.

Some ConfrontationsEdit

Quite a bit after his sixteeth season, Alastar began to go a bit... unstable. His mind was falling apart from the built up guilt of his family, and the incident in Duskwood. He had spoken to Arkides in a serious discussion about his "craving for power" and a few other things, and ironically, while Alastar is the one most of the time setting people straight, it was ARKIDES who was trying to set Alastar straight. After Alastar calmed down, he expressed a secret of his -- a "crush" on Raphaella Galahad.

Later that day, there was a party in Ratchet going on at The Drunken Kodo. Even though it was a Horde party, Alastar, and his friends Raphaella, Goldark, Doru and Dalin decided to go "check it out". Raphaella remained quiet the whole time, and Alastar got worried. After speaking to her out near the shore a bit, he eventually expressed his feelings for her. She was a but dumbfounded at first, but seemed to like him back and gave him a long hug, turning him red. Afterwards, Alastar, Raphaella and Doru headed out to the Plaguelands to find a nice base camp to plan future attacks from. Alastar grew tired and Raphaella hugged him again before he crashed.

A few days passed, and after some rest and a nice trip in Kalimdor for "fresh air", he wounded back up in musty Elwynn during the first ever Invasion of the Scourge, but they were receded at the moment. He was alone with one of his best friends, Jimbotomy, speaking of matters going on. They eventually had a friendly duel and then Raphaella, and Alastar's other friends, Zerase and Khaldus -- along with Goldark and a few others appeared and had a camp fire. After a bunch of talking, Alastar blurted out that he wanted to contact the dead, he needed to speak with his dead family, he had to contact them. Everyone look confused and Alastar talked about that fateful night a few years back. Khaldus, a fellow warlock, had suggested he find a Druid to help. He had thought about possibly a friend of his, Pook, but then he passed up the idea because he hasn't seen her in awhile. Zerase had an idea to speak with a druid in Darnassus.

Alastar, Raphaella, Goldark, Zerase, and Azuran all headed to Darnassus to meet up with a friend of Zerase's, a druid named Tulmane, a special druid who could contact any dead spirit from within the Emerald Dream. Goldark was tired and bailed out, and Zerase had to leave at the time. Alastar spoke to Tulmane and told him everything. At first Tulmane did not trust him for he was a warlock, but accepted it because he was a good friend of Zerase. After some meditation, Tulmane gathered his friend, a night elf priestess by the name of Syfe to come along. Tulmane needed to site of death to be able to contact the spirits. Alastar, Raphaella and Azuran all headed to Raven Hill where the two elves were summoned, and Alastar, with his head low, entered the house full of death. It seems the house became sort of a crypt after all the years, and everyone was digusted. Tulmane then began the "ritual". He first entered the Emerald Dream to try to find them but he could not, there were too many spirits nearby and he couldn't find anyone related to Alastar, so he let Alastar be able to see through his eyes, and he couldn't find them either.

Alastar then suggested they go upstairs, to the exact location of the deaths of his wife and two children, so Tulmane nodded and all of them moved upstairs. Tulmane sensed great horror in the room. Alastar was asked to lie on the floor, in the same position as if he was sleeping... in a bed. Tulmane was to do something forbidden, allow Alastar to enter the Emerald Dream to find the spirits. After some heavy spellcasting and blood from Tulmane's emerald dragon whelp, Alastar managed to enter.

At first Alastar saw nothing but a bright light, but then a landscape appeared and he was greeted by large dragon, who then wanted to banish his soul. A warlock had entered a sacred place... but then he sensed everything going on, and decided to leave him be. Alastar had found who he was looking for, and begged for forgiveness. His family died a confused death and didn't know what happened so he had to painfully explain every detail. For being wandering spirits for many years, they began to accept themselves that way, and forgave Alastar from his burden. Alastar then woke up that instance and had tears in his eyes, but maintained a straight face and explained his experiences. He told Tulmane and Syfe a great deal of thanks, and thanked Raphaella and Azuran for being by his side the whole time... and then Alastar wanted some time alone.

His two friends asked if they could follow and he responded "Only if you feel it's the right thing..."

He wandered off in the direction of Westfall, and after reaching Westfall and heading a bit in, he asked Azuran to dismiss himself. There Alastar and Raphaella were alone. Alastar sat up against the tree nearby and Raphaella sat beside him. He talked to her abit, thanking her for putting up with him, and he went in for a kiss. Redness flushed Raphaella's face, and the same happened to Alastar at the very sight of that. Was it love, afterall? Alastar's burden is now gone, and he may rest the past.

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- Trials of Darkness

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