Aldea Dawnbinder
Game Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Mage
Guild None
Professions Engineer
Vital Statistics
Hair Auburn
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Alignment Chaotic Good
Age 130
Birthplace Silvermoon
Marital Status Single
Pets A mechanical squirrel
Family Mother: Alahna (deceased)
Father: Tryvea (wretched)

Personality Edit

Usually fairly quiet and studious. Does have an adventurous streak when no one is looking. A bit of a perfectionist, usually mastering her skills long before her teachers will allow her to learn more.


Coming from a common house, Aldea, was never a well a known blood elf, nor was her family noted for anything. Her mother passed away when the well was sundered. Her father, loosing the love of his life and his the fuel for his addiction, became one of the wretched. Aldea only mentions him in passing, hoping no one probes further.

Relations Edit

None living or whole of mind.



Aldea as she will be in just a few levels. Provided I can find the Sanguine dress for her.


Making her home in Ratchet in a small goblin's workshop, Aldea had been ghosting the Drunken Kodo in her off time. She became smitten with one of the Zephyr Crew, but was too shy initially to tell him. Having finally fessed up, she feels very awkward staying around the small goblin town, so she has wandered off into the Barrens to finish up doing some chores for her new Horde allies. She vowed silently to bother him no more, not that she's done a good job of that. After recieving a couple of letters she found herself drawn back to Ratchet in the hopes of getting to know him better.


Having mastered as much as her teachers will allow in cooking, engineering, and tailoring, she now is trying to learn more about first aid and fishing. She has mostly found both rather boring and only her penchant for perfectionism drives her forward.

Adventures & StoriesEdit

A Little Crush
Lost Letter
Frozen Feet

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