Name: Alsheriam Sha'Qelas
Race: Blood Elf/Sin'dorei
Class: Hunter (disdains the term, preferring to call himself 'Ranger')
Professions: N/A at the moment
Age: 252
Birthplace: Quel'thalas
Current Residence: Silvermoon City
Specialization: Pure Marksmanship
Affiliation: Harbingers of War
Appearance: A smirk seems to be permanently plastered on this Sin'dorei's lips. Prowling along like a wolf poised to strike and with deep-set shoulders, his cold, green gaze runs over you. It was as if he were weighing you in his mind, and there is no sign, nor change in his expression of what the scales told him.

His gear seems worn, yet well maintained, with the rare oddity slung about his belt and harness. A pouch here, a hidden sheath there. Slung across his shoulder is a bow, unstrung, along with a quiver hung on his left hip, and the complementary pouch of bowstrings.

On his right arm, is a gold armband of the Fifth I'Thilin Rangers, an unit that a scholar of warfare might note to predate the Second War, but unknown to others.

Brief History (Work in progress)Edit

A retired Ranger who washed his hands of all conflict shortly after the Second War and went into reclusion, Alsheriam emerged, flabbergasted at the changes of his people.

As if learning a new way to quench his thirst for magic that afflicts he and his people were bad enough, the former Ranger had to contend with being told to go to another world for his salvation, to fight alongside the Orcs and their allies, whom he had spent a century shooting, and to his utmost horror: be told that he was now called a "Hunter", all of his previous training was considered void and he had to start again from scratch.

Alsheriam was a soldier, not one who killed game. This new, or in his own words, "modern" term still pains him, and feels deeply insulted if called by it. He still feels some loyalty to the Alliance that his people was once allied with, and is unable to accept the fact that the humans, whom he begrudging accorded some respect to, were to blame for his people's withdrawal from the Alliance.

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