Race: Night Elf
Age: 10,000 (Approximate)
Birthplace: Forests of Moonglade
Class: Hunter (Formally Druid)
Professions: Herbalist / Skinner
Affiliations: Currently none.

Appearance: A tall, muscular elf. A thin layer of dirt covers him. His long hair is often filled with leaves and grass. His body has a few minor scars, but no major signs of battle. One large scar stretches from below his right eye to just above his lip.


Amrun is a very quiet elf. He has lived a nomadic life until recent, and only speaks Tier. Those who get to know him and get past his lack of knowledge of the world and its times, find him very enjoyable and friendly. All that he knows comes from his study of nature, and reading texts he stole from the city. He is very feral in nature, some would consider him privative. He prefers to stay in a hidden form, either bear or cat.




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