Anaja is a 15 yr. old (in human terms) orc hunter and engineer. She is in the guild, The Mor'Shan Outriders. Being only 15, she is single and the only living relative is her Grandfather, the General Robozk Peltskinner. She has long black hair which she keeps in a single tight braid, and her eyes are a deep auburn brown. Her only adornment is a simple nose ring.

Personality Edit

Anaja is like most adolescents. She is strong-willed, fearless, stubborn, and recently, yes, even rebellious. She idolizes her grandfather, the General Robozk Peltskinner. She strives to make him proud of her, but has hit that rebellious streak. She has a strong dislike for the Alliance, particularly humans, and of any elves whether they be Night Elf or High Elf.

Due to a bad experience with swords while in the internment camps, Anaja will only use axes or daggers.


Anaja was born in the internment camps of Hillsbrad and was the only child of her parents. After being freed from the camps, she and her parent's followed Thrall to Kalimdor, where her father soon began work as an engineer for the Warsong Lumber camp in Ashenvale.

Nearly two years ago, her parent's were murdered in their home in Ashenvale. After discovering her dead parents, she was urged to flee to Orgrimmar by her friend. Before leaving she discovered a letter written to her mother by her grandmother indicating that the General Robozk was her mother's father.

Arriving in Orgrimmar she began her training as a warrior to avenge her parents, who she thinks were killed by the Alliance. In addition she began spying on the General trying to figure out if he was indeed her grandfather. Finally, she gathered her courage and approached him about the letter. She also took up the trade of engineer in honor of her engineer father.

Having no family left alive save for the General, Anaja latched onto him, especially when he didn't deny being her grandfather and seeming to have a genuine affection for her and her wellbeing. She soon after put away her shield and sword and took up a bow to begin her training as a hunter like her grandfather.

During her training in Ashenvale, a white worg came out of no where to save her from a bear attack. He has not left her side since, and she later named him Phantom.

Adventures & StoriesEdit

Anaja's Story

A link to the larger version of the above picture: [1]

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