WARNING: This is meant to be at least mildly humourous.


Basics Edit

Full Name: Andrew Lightwalker III
Race: Ancona Chicken
Class: Philosopher
Profession: Advisor to Devinicus Steelforge
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Residence: Stormwind

Appearance Edit

Small, winged, and covered in grey feathers.

History Edit

Andrew is not one to talk about his history, and even then, Devinicus Steelforge is the only person who has any hope of understanding him. All that is publicly known about Andrew is that he is often seen in the company of his long-time friend.

Reverence of the Holy Light Edit

Apparently, Andrew recognises the value of Light-worship and considers it a valid means of self-actualisation and spiritual growth. As a philosopher, however, he considers it a conflict of interest to link one's self so closely with any one religion, and thus only follows the Light so far as it making him a contributing member of society and a polite individual.