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Race: Human
Age: 25
Birthplace: Tirisfal
Class: Paladin
Professions: Enchanter/Blacksmith
Affiliations: Forge

Appearance: Andrinn has piercing sky blue eyes with a small hint of sadness behind them, and long honey brown hair that hangs slightly above his broad shoulders. He stands at 5ft 11inches, weighing approximately 172lb's. He sports a clean shaven face with the exception of sideburns and a small well trimmed beard. His body well is toned, muscular and slim. In combat his attacks are graceful and relentless, showing signs of much training. He walks with incomparable confidence and determination no matter where his destination is. Upon close inspection one may notice a small tattoo on the back of his neck of a pair of spread feathered wings with a pair of crying eyes between them.


Andrinn speaks in a deep, calm and commanding voice. His attitude can change with the drop of a coin, shifting from calm and collected to angry and vengful in a matter of seconds. Flirtatious and cocky, Andrinn views himself as the gods gift to all women of Azeroth no matter the race, constantly flashing his "guns" (flexing his muscles) as he calls them in attempts to impress and bring smiles to the faces of ladies. He was once known to few as "The Red" for always handing out red roses to those he encountered. When he drinks he does so to the extreme usualy ending up someplace naked dancing away, which has landed him in trouble more than once. He cares not what others see him as or how they view his actions, thinking only of his own opinion. Quick to judge and even quicker to act, Andrinn shows no hesitation when making a decision. He lives his life by a simple and small code of three set commandments, Honor the gods..serve thy king and country and love thy woman.

Andrinn shows no fear, and is willing to fight anyone, anything, anytime, anywhere regardless of the situation so long as he feels it necessary.