In Common, "Andualah," - properly Andu-Alah T'as'e-Neph'o lo Aman Anoduna (Darnassian: Dawn-Song Shadow-Flower of Rain Falling - the structure of her name is explained here)

Birthplace: Moonglade

Race: Night Elf

Age: 364


Her skin and her thick short-cropped hair are very pale, and her silver Kaldorei eyes are quite large and prominent over her high cheekbones. She stands approximately 2 m (6'6") tall, and her build is slender but strong; beneath her female curves flow long flat muscles gained from years of hunting with the bow. She speaks the Common Tongue brokenly, with a strong Darnassian accent that frequently stumbles over the sounds of Common, and makes many mistakes in sentence structure and verb tense. Her Darnassian, however, is cultured and articulate, with the elegant diction and patrician accent of Moonglade.


Andualah is compassionate and friendly, beneath an often somewhat reserved exterior. She strives quite consciously to be the best of friends and the worst of enemies, blending the gentle grace and civility of Kaldorei at peace and her own warm heart with the cold savagery of Kaldorei at war. She is exquisitely polite to those she does not know and those whom she perceives to be of higher rank; with her friends, and especially with her brother, she is known for her frequent grin and merciless, though good-hearted, teasing. She responds to flirtation or romantic advances from either gender with visible discomfort, and either ignores repeated invitations from the same individual or dismisses them disdainfully. Her most frequent mannerism is an arched eyebrow, which carries any number of meanings depending on context.


The early part of Andualah's history is bound up with Aman Anoduna, a traditionalist group of Kaldorei in Moonglade. Her upbringing was all that is rigidly traditional and customary among her people, and her initial training was naturally that of a Druid. She showed little talent for the Druidic path, however, and had no liking for it. When she overheard relatives of her father trading stories of hunting, her doubts became impossible to ignore.

The images and imaginings that these stories stirred up, of a bow in her hand instead of a Druidic staff, and particularly of the companionship of a hunting animal, began to haunt her, and she declared her intention to become a hunter. Her parents, however, had no intention of permitting their daughter to do any such thing, and the last few years of Andualah's youth, before her coming-of-age ceremony, were essentially spent under house arrest punctuated by all-too-frequent screaming fights.

The day before her coming-of-age ceremony was to take place - an event that among Aman Anoduna coincides with the assumption of Druidic status - she managed to slip away to the shores of Lake Elune'ara. At first, she dismally contemplated drowning herself in the lake, but she realized that that would be a desecration of the sacred waters - moreover, she did not, in fact, wish to die. Removing her clothes and wading into the sacred lake, she made a solemn vow to the goddess Elune that if the goddess were to allow Andualah to achieve her dream of becoming a hunter, then she, Andualah, would devote herself to the goddess' service and live forever as a maiden. Having made her prayer and vow, with no apparent response whatsoever from the goddess, she dressed herself and set off for home in tears, her last avenue of hope apparently closed to her.

On the way home, however, she met a young Kaldorei man who had tripped on a root in the path and badly broken his ankle in the fall. The young man was involved with the Lunar Festival, then taking place, and gently questioned Andualah as to why she had been crying. She resisted answering at first, but his gentle enquiries eventually broke down her resistance, and as she helped him hobble back to her house - she had determined that his injuries were beyond her abilities to heal and was taking him to her parents - she poured out her story. The young man was saddened by the prospect of the deadening existence she appeared to have resigned herself to, and after her parents had healed his ankle and somewhat grudgingly invited him to dinner, he asked to the see the gardens of the house. Andualah accompanied him, and after a few hurried questions he quickly whispered a plan to her.

The next day, at the ceremony inducting Andualah into the ranks of Druids following her coming-of-age, she steeled herself to put the plan into practice. The custom among Aman Anoduna is that the candidate for Druidic status must demonstrate his or her competence by performing a series of transformations and healing spells. Following the young man's advice, and aided by her own nervousness, she muffed each and every spell spectactularly. By the end of the ceremony it was self-evident that she could not possibly become a Druid. Her parents, livid with embarrassment, dragged her back to the house for yet another screaming fight, which was ended when Andualah grabbed a small pack of provisions and clothes that she had stowed by the entrance the preceding night and fled into the night.

She made her way to the Lunar Festival, where the young man pointed out the temporary portal to the city of Darnassus that had been set up for the convenience of festival-goers. With a deep breath, Andualah stepped through the portal into her new life.

The first few weeks of her new life were a terrifying shock to her. Never having left the confines of Moonglade, she was utterly unprepared for the size, complexity and population of Darnassus. Nor had she seen non-Kaldorei before, with the exception of the Tauren Druids coming there for training, with whom her parents had never permitted her to associate, and she spoke not one word of Common. She left Darnassus and wandered about Teldrassil until eventually she found Dalazar, a hunter trainer in the town of Dolanaar, who agreed to take her as a student. Thereafter she progressed rapidly in the hunting craft, and eventually made her way to the Human city of Stormwind where she now resides.

Present DayEdit

Andualah has recently become a member of the Sunpath Riders, and is deeply content, believing that her service to this House is the service that Elune demands of her as fulfillment of the vow she made in Moonglade. She has discovered with surprise that she appears to have some talent for making money, although this talent is offset by another pleasing discovery, namely the number of beautiful clothes and accessories that are available for purchase in a city. This bounty is intoxicating to a Kaldorei woman raised in traditional simplicity, and she has become something of a clothes-horse. The initial prejudices against non-Kaldorei that she carried as a result of her upbringing among Aman Anoduna have fallen away in the face of actual contact with actual non-Kaldorei, who have in the main proved themselves to be as honourable as any Kaldorei and considerably more knowledgeable and sophisticated than the introverted, backward-looking folk of her birth clan.

Aman Anoduna ("Rain Falling")Edit

Aman Anoduna is a reclusive, secretive, isolationist group of rabidly traditionalist Moonglade Kaldorei founded by emigrants from Hyjal - a rough Earthly parallel might be the Amish or Mennonites - which is entirely unknown outside of Moonglade and rarely visible even within it, since its members tend not to advertise themselves as such. The symbolism of the name is complex and many-faceted, although one meaning of it refers to the fact that, in general, Kaldorei do not dislike rain as much as other races, and also to heavy rain's reduction of visibility - the "Rain Falling" screens the (by definition Kaldorei) members from outsiders. It rejects any technological innovation - the fact that there is no mailbox in Moonglade is very possibly due to covert influence by members of Aman Anoduna - and regards all non-Kaldorei as "talking beasts" and not fully sentient. Nor does Aman Anoduna acknowledge in any way the existence of Teldrassil - since it was raised without the blessing of Elune - or the authority of Archdruid Fandral Staghelm.

Adoption into Aman Anoduna is uncommon, but possible. The adoptee must of course be a full-blooded Kaldorei, and must live in Moonglade, give up any "outlander" ways and change to the Druidic path if not already on it. New adoptees take a fresh lineage name, generally coined from the significant elements in the parents' names, and thereafter are considered members and transmit their patriline or matriline names, according to their gender, in the usual way. Because of the requirement that members of Aman Anoduna marry only other members, both members of a marriage must join Aman Anoduna or the joining member must dissolve the marriage; if the marriage has children, neither member is permitted to join until the children have reached the age of majority.

Names in Aman AnodunaEdit

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