Antodagny The Whacked

Core StatisticsEdit

Name: Antodagny Delreth. Later assuming "the Whacked" as a customary warlock surname.
Title: Marshal of the Alliance.
Class: Warlock.
Age: 53
Race: Human.
Eye Colour: Hazel.
Hair: Black.
Skin-Tone: Pale.
Height: 5'11".
Weight: 185 lbs.
Alignment: Neutral Evil.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In the fashion of most men that hail from Kul Tiras, Antodagny keeps a beard and has his facial hair neatly trimmed. He is of average height but is slightly underweight from long periods of research when he forgets to eat. Hand in hand with malnutrition is a lack of sleep and it is no surprise that he is often seen with dark rings under his eyes from long nights pouring over notes. He has no discernible battle scars or markings, though that is subject to change if his illusions see fit.


Antodagny is known to experience mood-swings, ranging from pointless laughter and mirth to brooding silence. He is most often found to be chipper, however, and very approachable. He is especially content when planning strategy or fishing with friends.

When it comes to the Horde, the aging warlock's disposition seems to solidify. Antodagny becomes bitter, self-absorbed, and wholly uninterested when the topic of diplomacy between Human and Orcs is brought up. He is a staunch supporter of the old thinking that Orcs, and other horde members on Azeroth, are invaders and must be pushed back to their own lands or destroyed. While he is hugely racist towards orcs, Antodagny understands that they are able to know honor, and has entertained the thought that perhaps someday they will surrender and be kept as servants or sent back to their homeworld.



Antodagny grew up in the coastal nation of Kul Tiras, more specifically the capital city of Boralus. His father was a fisherman and his mother from a family of shipwrights.

The First WarEdit

At the age of 26, the first war broke out in the Eastern Kingdoms. The nation of Kul Tiras was content in standing on the sidelines; their ships supplied the southern armies with food and other necessities while remaining somewhat neutral. While the sea-faring merchants were happy to send goods, they were wholly unprepared to send military aid to their brethren. Antodagny often listened of reports from the frontlines, working on the docks for his mother's company to load the ships sent southward, and he fondly recalls watching the ships sail into the distant smoke of battle on the great horizon.

Five years later, when Anduin Lothar led the great exodus north to Lordaeron, Kul Tiras assisted in moving troops and citizens across the sea. Antodagny served on one of the many transfer ships, being of reasonable ability to assist after inheriting the family business a few years pripr. He befriended many of the battle-weary soldiers during this time, and it was his first time seeing the ravages of war with his own eyes. He listened to their woeful tales of fighting the green skinned devils, and the anguished people of the southern kingdoms moved the young sailor greatly. With his parent's blessing, Antodagny would strike out on his own to the kingdom of Lordaeron and help assist them in any way possible.

The Second WarEdit

A year passed, and the great Alliance of man was formed out of the remaining human kingdoms, ready to strike back at the insidious horde. Antodagny offered up his knowledge in the shipyard, building many different vessels that would be used in the Second War. When the call for more soldiers came, Antodagny boarded the first ship to the front and helped man many successful skirmish-runs against the inferior orcish fleet. While serving on an Elvish Destroyer, the crew spotted the wreckage of a Gnomish Submarine, having been attacked by an Ogre Juggernaught only hours before and going down quickly. The only survivor among the wreckage was a dwarfish priest known as Odil Stonelight.

The dwarf was on secret orders to intercept the orcish warlock Gul'Dan in his search for the fabled Tomb of Sargeras, but his submarine was seperated from the rest of the fleet and attacked en route. The captain of Antodagny's vessel decided it would be best to help in this mission, and the crew set sail for the island where the tomb was said to be. When they arrived, great orcish ships were engaged in heavy canon fire with one another and skirmishing could be seen on the beaches. In the distance, a swirling dark cloud blanketed the center of the island and flying beasts swooped to and fro, their maddening howls frightening even the most hardened sailor aboard. Hoping to find and assist any of his allies, Odil begged the crew to set anchor and search the island while the horde fought amongst itself and kept the strange demons at bay. They agreed and cautiously scouted the raised volcanic islands but it was all in vain as they came upon a ruined Alliance camp, ravaged by the Twilight Hammer clan in it's attempt to retreat from the other orcs. Odil was struck with grief and swore to stay and die with his fallen kin, but Antodagny and the others urged him to live to fight another day. Before they could rouse the dwarf from his depressive state, they were attacked by a swarm of demons from above, the first deadly blow fatally striking the ship's captain. In the chaos that ensued, many men were lost and the party was ultimately separated, Antodagny ducking into a small cave nearby.

Hiding for what seemed like days, the sailor stayed very still for the sound of demons still rung in his ears and he felt fear like never before. To his surprise, an equally frightened imp was also using the cave as a means to hide from the large demons. Antodagny was startled by the thing, and sought to smash it under his boot, but the tiny demon cried out for mercy. His kind nature getting the better of him, Antodagny paused and listened to what the imp had to say. Introducing himself as Gelkol, demonic for "He who is wise and powerful," the imp offered to teach Antodagny the ways of magic in exchange for safe passage off the island and continued support in the human kingdoms. After very little consideration, the thoughts of his allies killed by demons and orcs still stirring in his head, Antodagny agreed and hid Gelkol in his knapsack as they rushed towards the shore and, hopefully, freedom.

Antodagny would never regret aiding Odil Stonelight, for the dwarf had snapped out of his anguished state during the fight with the demons and led the frightened sailors back to the ship in one piece. Shouting orders and raising morale, the dwarf successfully instigated the rescue and retreat of Antodagny and his men from the wartorn harbor of the volcanic islands.

Peaceful TimesEdit

Sailing home to find the war won and the horde placed in internment camps, Antodagny's crew was awarded for it's bravery and the sailors went their separate ways. Yet with this peace came great turmoil for Antodagny, his impish companion urging him to learn more about the fel arts, for certainly the orcs would return someday and he would be called upon to fight for the lands he loved once more. Selling his family business to an enterprising goblin, Antodagny took his fortune and used his military rank to gain access to the most illicit tomes on dark rituals, studying night and day for many years in comfortable wealth and solitude of his estate in Kul Tiras.

Upon reaching the age of 40, Antodagny was a fully fledged Warlock and practitioner of the Fel. His greatest area of research was that of illusions, learning to bend the light and shadow to mask or manipulate his appearance fully. While he did not use his powers for financial gain, the Warlock did however vow to put his vast talent to the utter elimination of the orcs in the hopes that the Alliance would once again reign; he blamed it's slow crumble to the poisonous taint of the orcs and their influence would surely lead to the eventual chaos of all that the Alliance once stood for.

The Third WarEdit

When the first rumors of a plague cropping up in Lordaeron were heard, Antodagny knew it had to be the work of the Horde, and was determined to find and eliminate it's source. Before he could set off, however, he was summoned by the nation's navy to sail and aid against the scourge that had broken out in the northern kingdoms. Taking great pleasure in the opportunity, Antodagny sailed towards the plagued lands but was ultimately defeated by the scourge. Facing great defeat at the hands of the undead armies and their vile diseases, Antodagny watched as one by one the proud ships of Kul Tiras sank into the seas. His leader and personal hero, Daelin Proudmoore, sensed that they could not prevent the fall of Lordaeron and surmised that they would be better off aiding his daughter on Kalimdor, where the orcs had fled and made a home for themselves. Eager to fight the green skinned fiends once more, Antodagny sailed proudly with his nation's leader.

The fleet entered the harbor of Theramore and Proudmoore greeted his daughter, only to find that she had befriended the orcs in their struggle to survive in this harsh, new land. Infuriated at this turn of events, Proudmoore ordered Antodagny and the other soldiers to oust Jaina and prepare for a siege on Orgrimmar. They agreed, backed by the racism of two prior wars, but soon Theramore errupted with the cries of battle; the orcish leader Thrall knew people like Proudmoore would never be swayed to listen to reason, and had to be eliminated. With the aid of Gelkol, Antodagny and his crewmates slew many orcs before the unimaginable happened: Daelin Proudmoore was struck down in combat with the great warrior Rexxar.

Enraged and outnumbered, the remaining soldiers pressed on the orcish armies until they themselves lay dead, but Antodagny was captured and later released under oath that he would never step foot in Theramore again. On the ship east to Menethil, the warlock brooded over the transgressions of the orcs and the death of his leader. The orcs had brought so much pain to his land, and he could not rest until they were all slain.

A Losing BattleEdit

Antodagny later served in the Allied Military Forces, often seen on the frontlines doing battle against the combined might of the Horde. He continued to progress in the Fel arts under the tutelage of his companion Gelkol, and slowly worked towards an ultimate solution for dealing with the total eradication of the Horde. He was more than content to do so one orc at a time on the fields, but with a sweeping change in the political arena of the Alliance came new standards and procedures for engaging the enemy, and most of Antodagny's tactics were outlawed in the changeover. Furious that he had to show his life-long enemies any shred of restraint or mercy, the warlock forsook the mantle of the Allied Military Forces and struck out on his own. In the coming months, Antodagny would lead several solo missions against civilian outposts on Kalimdor. Tales of his brash and ravenous behavior eventually made it back to the upper echelons of the military and he was dismissed disgracefully, stripped of rank and outcast from the Knight's quarters.

No Kingdom for Old MenEdit

Disillusioned with the Alliance and torn over the evolving political atmosphere in which no true king presided and other brave men, such as Dalin Proudmoore, were disowned or ignored, Antodagny turned to his friends and his personal life. As the days washed over him, he pondered many things and watched as a new generation of Alliance soldiers grew in a different world. When the gates of Outland opened once again, he knew he would not cross through them; that fight was for the Horde and it's human sympathizers, a battle for and of the orcish homeworld in full. While the warlock elected to remain on Azeroth, thousands of others did not, and soon the Alliance was in need for soldiers at home as well as abroad. He was offered a place in the military once again, recognized with a new title for his years of loyal, if not questionable, service. While his viewpoint may be outdated and his goals ultimately futile, Antodagny presses on.