The BasicsEdit

Name:Lieutenant Arahadord Alabastor Hellbane


Title(s):The Flame in a Box, Husband of Leriqite.

Class: Rogue

Special: Arahadord is a very talented illusionist. Though in actual fact he can do none of the following, he back it appear that he can transform into a cloud of smoke and vanish into thin air (flash powder), and make flames errupt from his hands (dynamite). He also wields a sword of mysterious origins which he has dubbed "The Burning Edge".

Race: Human

Birthplace:Northshire Valley, Elwynn Forest.

Age: 43

Family: Father/ Unknown (long deceased), Mother/ Fabien "The Frozen Maiden" Coldbringer, Brother/ Zerehedord, Wife/ Leriqite Dareseeker, Brother-in-Law/ Leremar Darksun, Brother-in-Law/ Atantes (Deceased)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Religious/ Spiritual Beliefs: None.

Affiliation: Sunpath Riders

Past Affiliations: Covenant of the Dark Lady, Bloodhaven, Unitary.


Arahadord's appearance depends upon his situation. He has two outfits; One of peace and one of war. In times of peace, he wears nothing but a kilt that was sewn together by his wife, who believes it makes him appear more Darnassian. Even in times of peace, however, he does not remove the Burning Edge from his side. In times of war, Arahadord wears very heavy armour that covers his entire body. As a proud Knight of the Alliance, he also bears the insignia of his faction.


Arahadord is a man who takes his "work" very seriously. On the battlefield, he is a cunning strategist and a ruthless warrior. Though you couldn't tell by meeting him there in the midst of battle, Arahadord is actually a very kind and compassionate man. He has much love for his wife, Leriqite, and constantly worries for her while they are seperated.


Arahadord's ChildhoodEdit

Arahadord was born in Northshire Valley to a family of Wizards. The Tulironds were a prowd family where every generation had studied some form of magic. Arahadord's father and mother both wanted him to grow up to be a wizard, just as they were.

However, this was never to be. At the tender age of four, the a gang of bandits known as the Defias Brotherhood came and raided their home. His father instructed Fabien to take Arahadord and his older brother to safety. He could do nothing but watch his home go up in flames. But his troubles were not over yet. Along the way, Fabien abandoned her children for some unknown reason, leaving them vunerable to the Brotherhood.

The Tulirond brothers ended up as slaves for the Defias Brotherhood, constantly being moved from place to place. Yet, they never once saw each other. Arahadord spent the next three and a half decades working as a slave for the Brotherhood, never knowing the fate of his mother or his brother.

The escapeEdit

By the time Arahadord was in his mid-thirties, he had observed the Brotherhood enough to know how to fight just like them. He learnt their tricks with flash powder and observed how they used dynamite to removes obstacles (which he later adopted in combat).

One day, he was put to work along with hundreds of other slaves in some sort of mine. It was at this point of time that he found that one of the Brotherhood's Lieutenants was carrying a sword that was to be delivered to VanCleef himself. He followed the man, waiting until he was all alone before slaying him and taking the sword for himself. When he removed the sword from it's shieve, he found that it burnt like fire. It was obvious that it was quite powerful but where did it come from? He didn't care. Claiming the sword as his own, he dubbed it "The Burning Edge" in honor of his fallen father.

He used the might of the Burning Edge to slay the slave drivers and make his escape to the surface world.

The founding of UnitaryEdit

Once he found his way back to Goldshire, he began work of putting together a guild that would aid him in his revenge. He would call this guild "Unitary". His plan was to lead this guild into the depth of the Deadmines so that he could claim his revenge upon VanCleef and the entire Brotherhood. But these events never came to pass.

There was one man in the guild who did not agree with Arahadord's intentions, saying that they only benefited himself. Arahadord ofcourse disagreed, arguing that the Defias Brotherhood had taken much from them and that they, Unitary, deserved to claim their revenge. This man's name was Darotan, a Keldorei archer who was very arrogant. Many more disagreements took place between Arahadord and Darotan until finally, he realised that this was not the meaning of Unitary at all. The way he saw it, the guild never existed properly.

Three months after forming Unitary, he abandoned his creation and disappeared.

Bloodhaven and WinterlightEdit

Unfortunately for Arahadord, Unitary had not fizzled out and died as he hoped it would. Instead, Darotan took control of the unorganised guild and renamed it Winterlight. They now saw their former leader, Arahadord, as a betrayer who deserved death. Winterlight's sole purpose was to hunt down and kill any who would betray them.

Arahadord found that he had to run and hide on numorous ocassions to avoid being assassinated by Winterlight's archers. This was very dificult to do alone. And so he contacted the only member of Winterlight who had shown any remorse for him, Dinolatal Firestorm. She agreed to serve once more as his eyes and ears within Winterlight, as a spy.

As per his instructions, Dinolatal formed a secret sect of Winterlight known as Bloodhaven. This sect was made up of Winterlight rebels who for their own reasons disagreed with Darotan's intentions. For months, Dinolatal and Bloodhaven aided in Arahadord's survival but eventually, Darotan suspected that he was recieving help from members of his own guild.

Darotan found each and every member of Bloodhaven and executed them as betrayers. However he left Dinolatal last. Arahadord, until recently, never knew the fate of his servant. Knowing that he was now forced to fight alone, he fled deep into the cursed woods of Felwood.

The Dareseeker SiblingsEdit

As he ventured north into Felwood, he met a pair of Night Elves. An archer named Astantes and a druidess named Leriqite. Explaining his predicerment, the siblings directed him to the Timbermaw Tribe, the last of the uncorrupted Furbolgs. The tribe agreed to fight in his battle upon the condition that he would spend three years fighting theirs.

As he had expected, Winterlight had followed him through Felwood. As they had promised, the Timbermaw slew every last member of Winterlight except one. Darotan had fled deeper into the woods and Arahadord followed. With the aid of Leriqite, he assassinated Darotan once and for all.

As he had promised, he spent the next three years participating in battles against the Deadwood and Winterfall Tribes.


Three years later, Arahadord returned to Stormwind City in search of Leriqite who had promised that she would be here. To his surprise, he found her with another man.

Thoundith Dotrieve was this man and he was quite successful. He owned a bar in the Park known as the Jade Eye Tavern and was the ganglord of the Dotrieve Gang. Thoundith and Arahadord never quite got along, though Leriqite certainly tried to change this.

It was only a week later when Thoundith disappeared.

To this day, he has never been seen. He is presumed dead.

Present DayEdit

Several months after Thoundith's disappearance, Leriqite and Arahadord fell in love. They were married in a private ceremony and now reside in Darnassus. The married couple are expecting a son.

The Covernant of the Dark LadyEdit

A secret society of Forsaken Undead and their mindslaves devoted to serving Queen Sylvanas. They do so by elimanating all those who would threaten their Queen's well being. It is not known how Arahadord is affiliated with them.

However, he maintains that he was once sent on a mission to spy on them and to bring them down from within. A mission he both suceeded in and enjoyed. Now the Covenant is in ruins with only several Acolytes remaining. Sahvas Sunbane, the highest ranking Acolyte, seems to have much respect for Arahadord, however. He is convinced that one day Arahadord will serve the Dark Lady again.


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