Description Edit

Name: Arbert Cor'san
Race: Forsaken
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Raised in Lordamere, Awoke in Deathknell.
Class: Rogue
Professions: Skinner
Affiliations: Lord Assassin of The Malochian Hand
Appearance: Arbert Cor'san was risen from his grave without the magical essence of sight gifted to many Forsaken. This allows his empty and rotten eye sockets to be seen. His lower jaw is completely rotted away leaving nothing but the bone. He is of a pale blue hue and although undead, moves with great ease and swiftness.

Occupation and PersonalityEdit

In his life, Arbert Cor'san was a well known assassin, thief and mercenary for hire in Lordamere. After his death and being risen from the dead, he has continued this line of work to further his personal gain and help those of the horde achieve their own victories. Arbert is a very troubled being. He can often switch from blissfully happy to enraged within moments. He also has a strange weakness towards females, allowing himself to get caught up within them, which usually ends up with him being hurt durastically.



When Arbert awoke from his slumber of death, he felt a great cold pain. He lay on the stone bed that was his resting place and tried to see where he was, but to no avail. He lifted his hands and felt that he had no eyes, and that his bands were bone. He


howled in horror and threw himself to the ground in a horrible rage. As he lay on the ground not knowing what to do, a young Troll female was watching him.

"Wha' joo be screamin' bou' deadah?" said the troll female.

"My eyes, My eyes!" screamed arbert in reply.

" Ha ha ha, " laughed the troll " joo be missin' a whole lot more den dat, gimmeh one secon' Ah tink a got somet'in' to 'elp ja wit dat."

Suddenly Arbert heard a soft hum and then he felt an unexplainable force hit his body and throwing him back against, a wall.

When he awoke, he was able to see. There was this young troll girl kneeling down in front of me smiling.

" dere, ain' dat bettah?"

" Who are you? " asked as he pulled himself to his feet.

" Dey call meh Voltemse, Ah's a dahk priestess of da Dahkspeah trolls "

" A troll?" he said curiously, " What in the nether is a troll helping a human for?"

Voltemse giggled a bit " You new aroun' heah ain' cha? Frien' you ain' no 'uman no more, you paht of da fosaken! you undea'"

A feeling of horror came overcame Arbert as he examined his hands, feet, and body. He was decaying, or had decayed. He let out a horrific cry! It took a few moments for Voltemse to calm him down and to explain the situation. She explained the Plague that Arthas set upon the world, how he enslaved all of the dead, and Sylvanas lead them to freedom. She told him of the victory of Thrall and the formation of the new Horde.

After a few weeks, Voltemse and Arbert became very close friends, he swore to protect her with his life, and mine with hers. He owed her his sight.

Bride of BetrayalEdit