Full Name: The mage has only ever called herself Arenia.

Age: Judging by her appearance, one would guess around 45 years old.

Class: Mage

Alignment: Many would call her evil, some would call her good. She has no real alignment.

Affiliations: She has no affiliations other than to herself and her 'children'.

Basic Information Edit

Arenia the Mage is a very strange woman. One moment she likes you, the next, she's planning your death. If it sounds bypolar or two-faced, it isn't, really. Arenia has a set of goals and if you happen to get in her way, she won't take the time to find out whether or not it was on purpose, she'll just have you killed. She won't kill you herself, but carefully plan the moves around you in a pattern that gets the target out of the picture nearly every time.

History Edit

(( Coming soon! ))

Family Edit

(( Also coming soon! ))

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