Name: Areté Fantine Morguelocke
Race: Forsaken
Class: Priestess
Professions: Skinning and Tailoring
Age: Young adult. Upon discovering more information regarding the timeline between her death, the plague, and other occurring events, Arete's age is gauged to be anywhere from twenty-one to twenty-six years old.
Birthplace: Brill, outside Lordaeron, before the Plague.
Current Residence: Wanders from Inn to Inn, for now.
Specialization: Holy magic.
Relations: Harbingers of War, her husband Kanashii Bonesplinter, her deceased ex-husband Shambler, the deceased Rajal.
Family: Adopted by Lucrothe Lightningrider. Silkk is her brother by her own accord, and his ex-wife Reivena is her good friend and sister-in-law. She considers Juhana to be her twin brother, despite being a troll, and has been told that Lokasenna is somehow her brother as well.
Affiliation: None at the moment.
Appearance: Straw-like green hair, a pallid face, and a slouching, skeletal frame. A blue beaded necklace, a preserved troll eye, and a soap-on-a-rope hang from her neck. Her body is frail and thin with little to no "womanly" features.
A chain of clunky prayer beads drape from her belt down to the her mid-thighs. A few trinkets, A Pretty Rock, and an Infallible Tikbalang Ward hang at her hips, making her jingle as she walks.
She wears an Azure Moonstone wedding ring on her right hand. On her left hand, she wears a twine bracelet with a neon-rainbow glass piece on the end.
If visible, her spine glows a faint neon green and she has stitches on her lower belly. She is cold to the touch, though her flesh may feel moisturized as opposed to dead, flaking skin.
She appears to have some sort of teething problem, either gnawing a piece of wood, something soft, or a severed purple troll finger strung with the preserved eye.
Mounts: Hamlet - Sir Clops-A-Lot (Tan Riding Talbuk)
Baja - Sir Claws-A-Lot (Swift Blue Raptor)
Snowball - Sir Paws-A-Lot (Frostwolf Howler)
Slickhoof - Sir Trots-A-Lot (Brown Skeletal Horse)
Fenstalk - Sir G'llops-A-Lot (Green Skeletal Warhorse)
Pets: Sugar, Siamese cat; Cream, orange tabby cat; Sprinkles, white moth; Peanut, baby elekk; Miniwing, white owl; Mr. Wiggles, piglet; Lunch, brown rabbit; Supper, snowshoe rabbit.


Areté is a rotting embodiment of her name, the archaic Greek word for "virtue", "excellence", or "being the best one can be". She strives to selflessly help anyone in need, so long as she is given the same consideration in return. From the outside she appears submissive and timid, ready to fulfill any task given by the Horde or the Harbingers like a perfect scout. This is not the case, however, as Areté will never stand down with a "yes ma'am" or "no sir" in place of defending her morals.

Past and BackgroundEdit

Before the Plague, Areté lived with her mother and father in Brill, near Lordaeron. As a little girl, she loved to explore the town and nearby wildlife, admiring creatures both dangerous and playful from afar. When it was dark and time to go inside, Areté picked up a needle and cloth and learned to sew with her mother Geneva, a passion she has currently turned into a profession, until Geneva fell ill. After one night when Geneva was escorted to Brightwater Lake, Areté spent the first night in bed without a mother.

Areté was obsessed with the Greenies. This was her name for the enslaved orcs she had seen on a trip through Hillsbrad with her father, Victor. Though he was there merely for business, he brought along Areté to get her mind off of her missing mother. Suddenly, in plain view, an old farmer was going on about his massive haul as two horses carted four devastated orcs, hogtied in the bed of the wagon. Seeing them merely as living creatures, not monsters, their looks of despair were chiseled into Areté's mind. The entire way back home, the usually cheery and talkative girl uttered not a word. Since that day, Areté spent every night planning her trip back to Hillsbrad to free the orcs. Being extremely young she had no sense of direction, mapmaking, or travel planning, so the process was obviously sloppy and extremely slow. Victor began to notice the gradually increasing change in his daughter's sleeping patterns, eating habits and unusually quiet demeanor over the years and decided to investigate. His detective work paid off when he caught Areté scrawling away at incorrect maps several hours before sunrise. Upon inquisition, Victor was utterly repulsed by her grotesque infatuation with the lethargic beasts. Soon, word got out among the townfolk and rumors sprouted here and there about the little orc lover. Completely mortified, Areté was shoved into the local orphanage as a preteen and ordered never to speak of her blood ties to the Morguelocke lineage ever again.

Areté lost track of the day of the week in her misery. Soon, weekdays turned into the number of days, then the number of months, then finally the number of years. She lost track of holidays, length of seasons, and even her own birthday. In the midst of her shame, she continued plotting her caper turned into an escape, for both her and the orcs. After an unknown amount of years, Areté finally left the orphanage in search of the orcs, confident she had all the information she needed. However, since the trip had been over a decade prior, countless nights of planning were ruined by simply going in the wrong direction.

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Re-reading her (incorrect) maps, she focused on heading south through Alterac. Across the river and through the greenlands, Areté unfortunately ended up in the snow-topped mountains. She panicked, knowing this was definitely not the right way. Unable to find a living creature of any kind for directions, she wandered aimlessly for days. She had long ago run out of rations and had been feeding off the wildlife, from which she picked up skinning with a dull knife she had brought. Soon enough she grew very sick from eating sporadically, sleeping too little and fatiguing too much. Depending on her skins, the wildlife, and her own will to survive, she collapsed near a tree and fell asleep.

Absolutely unaware that she had caught the Plague and died, she continued on and wasn't aware of her new appearance until she crossed a puddle of melted sleet and glanced at her reflection. The next night after still wandering aimlessly, she awoke in the Sepulcher in Silverpine, nearly all the way back home. On a journey to Deathknell to meet with fellow Forsaken planning to recruit her to the Horde, she was educated on her current situation.

Completely disgraced by her own and her father's behavior, Areté had assumed the alias "Fantina" (from her middle name, Fantine) since her rebirth. Among the Horde, however, she always introduces herself under her true name, Areté.