Full Name: Arianhrod den'Kloren Silentdawn Typhoon (AKA: Arian)

Race: Human

Age: 21

Date of Birth: October 31st

Class: Warlock

Occupation: Felsworn Sail Recruiting Officer

Title: Miss den'Kloren of the Felsworn Sail

Affiliations: The Felsworn Sail, Stormwind, Brill, Lordaeron

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Jade

Height: 5 feet, 4 inches

Weight: 120 lbs.

Birthplace: Tirisfal Glades, Lordaeron

Current Home: Stormwind City, Elwynn Forest

Languages: Common, Gutterspeak, Tongues

Family: Burice (Husband), Aramis (Son), Lucian (Son), Enor (adopted brother), Erendor (twin brother)

The Rise and Fall of the den'Kloren Edit

Some say that the Tirisfal Glades belonged to one family. This, however, is unfounded by written history. To those who lived during the golden ages of Lordaeron; they knew differently. The den'Kloren Clan lived on a fourteen acre lot in the most northern regions of Lordaeron; a blood-connected family with very little ties to any true humanity. Most of the children were either necromancers like their beloved matriarch, or they were magical-weilders of one nature or another. From their home, they would train day and night to perfect their very being - to one day fufill the matriarch's dream of the ultimate being. Some say Dimitrius den'Kloren was mad for having such an outlandish dream. They shunned him from normal society; speaking ill of him at parties or in the market whenever his name arose. Dimitrius was also shunned for having married his second cousin, Sarien Silentdawn, and giving way to several mal-formed children. Their oldest son, Aramis, once he was old enough, began to train himself under his father's strict, and often times brutal teachings. Because of his seething hatred for those who mingled in the socialite Lordaeron, Dimitrius passed his demeanor and crass vocabulary onto his only "normal-appearing" child.

Aramis grew to become a very handsome, but very ill-mannered Warlock. His need for power, much like his father's, grew each time he passed someone of a higher season. However, this need became an obsession for him. Knowing that he would be as equally branded as his father, he began to rebuild the den'Kloren name - fighting those who opposed his beliefs (in some cases, killing them without mercy) and obtaining brittle loyalties made only from fear of his reprisal. Steadily, the clan grew, Sarien's children proliferating as much as possible. However, the only children who were considered "legitimate" were the ones created from the original bloodline. (Which, in Layman's terms means keeping it within the family) Aramis' dream was to never sully the "purity of the bloodline" with other Clans or families. From this, the den'Kloren children were trained from the earliest age to fight and wield magic with strict guidance. Having a true childhood was no longer an option.

From this reconstruction of the family name, Aramis became known as the matriarch. Quickly, rumors were spread that he was even more vile and terrifying than his predecessor - having murdered his father in order to marry his mother and build a stronger Clan. This, however, was very untrue. While Aramis kept many concubines in his chamber; he was only ever wed to one woman: Adrielle McGowan. While his brothers and sisters brithed many children; only Aramis' bloodline was ever seen fit to be anything more than a simple, mindless drone among the masses. As the years went by, Aramis passed on his knowledge to his sons. Although he secretly wished it, his wife had never produced him a daughter. Within a few years, Adrielle had passed away from an outbreak of influenza. Because Aramis considered himself a demi-god, he did not believe it was necessary to send a physician to aid his wife. When she originally contracted the virus, he sent her away to Stormwind. Unfortunately, she never made it there alive.

Aramis' sons carried on the family line: having children from within the original bloodline. Because of this odd tradition, it was normal for women to give birth to several sets of twins - most of them dying before or shortly after birth. Stemming from the increase of multiple births, a legend was started that fraternal set of twins (more likely a male and female) would become the two strongest magical weilders and carry the den'Kloren family into a Golden Age. During this so-called Golden Age, the family would flourish and produce many children, and finally be respected (rather than feared) among their peers.

This never occured...

It was during this reconstruction that the ominous Plague hit. Since the main house was closest to where the Plague had originated from; many of the elders, the sickly and the infants died off. Not within a matter of weeks or months, but surprisingly, within a matter of days. The entire den'Kloren compound was quarantined by Aramis; who at this time was well past his prime and also being ravaged by the Plague. From this drastic measure, many of those who were untouched by the Plague began to fear their own family members. Luckily, many of them escaped with their children in tow, fleeing to the Lordaeron Cathedral. However, they were not completely untouched. While in the safe bosom of the Cathedral, a few of the escapees from the den'Kloren main house died off - ultimately rising again and infecting others.

Years went by as the children of those survivors began to push their way towards the safety of other lands. It was during this time that Aramis' great-great-great-grandson Serbius rushed his laboring wife across the malformed forest of the Tirisfal Glades. It was his dream to have her give birth in the same house where his family once stood proudly, and despite her pleads with him to stay in Ironforge. On their perilous journey, she had contracted the plague. The longer the trip took, the more it ravaged her mind - causing her to hallucinate and react violently to those in her caravan. Serbius began to regret his hasty decision, but the birth of their twins were imminent and he felt strongly about the family prophecy.

Gemini Born Under Scorpio: The Childhood of Arianhrod & Erendor Edit

Before Serbius' bride could give birth, the Plague had claimed her life. In a flurry of tears and shouting orders, the midwife they had dragged with them began to work to free the living infants inside of the woman. Careful not to expose the body or to ravage it too badly; the Demonness pulled free a pink, wailing, blonde-haired boy. And finally, after a few agonizing minutes, a rather gray-looking female was brought to light. Because she had been deprived of air for some time, it was assumed she would not live. Serbius begged the Demonness to do what she could to save his daughter.

It took three nights under a corn moon to revive the little girl back to a normal status. But it happened. And thus, Serbius was blessed with two children. On his own merit, he attempted to rebuild the dilapidated estate - burying his wife as far from the compoud as possible. Within a few months, much of the caravan that had loyaly followed Serbius back to the den'Kloren household had fallen ill of the Plague. With a heavy heart, Serbius decided that it wouldn't be prudent to raise a family in this cursed place. The Demonnness, who would be forever known as Kasha, made a deal with Serbius. The deal was that she would take the unnamed girl with her, keep her in safety, and teach her what she could. However, the male was lost. In the few months since his birth, he had been touched by the disease and over time, it would kill him.

Serbius, who had been dealing with the disease for some time now, begged Kasha to take both of his children to safety. Although he has become increasingly violent and often fomaed at the mouth; a part of his being loved his children. Kasha, even with her vast knowledge of the world, obliged a dying man's final wish.

Kasha took the children out of the darkness and into the serenity of Northshire. There, the children were named by the people who cared for them most. The Sisterhood, who had reared the girl to be a passive, kind, and bubbly person named her after their patriarch: Arianhrod. The small group of traveling gypsies who cared for the boy; teaching him to be a strong, willful and apt person gave him a distinctive Elven name: Erendor. However, between the two of them; they often refered to each other as "Arian" and "Eren."

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