Artius Now
Artius LeBlanc, The Black Wolf
Game Information
Race Human
Class Mage
Guild Order of Shining Hearts
Professions Alchemist/Herbalist
Vital Statistics
Height 6'1
Weight 178.5
Build Average
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Age 22
Birthplace Dalaran
Current Residence Registered in Stormwind, however, varied at this time.
Marital Status Single
Family Remy LeBlanc, Elrick III LeBlanc(deceased), Alanna LeBlanc(Deceased)

The LeBlanc FamilyEdit

Elrick IEdit

Elrick I was a merchant born in Strahnbrad. Born to poor blacksmiths, all he wished to do was make a name for himself among the aristocracy, he recieved just that. By the end of his life he had held a large percentage of control in Dalaran.

Elrick IIEdit

Elrick II was different from the previous men of his family, He was born with natural magical talent because of his mother. His powers developed and he became a famous mage of the Kirin Tor.

Elrick IIIEdit

Elrick III is the father of Artius and Remy LeBlanc. His story is the most elusive of all of the LeBlancs so far. Also born with magical talent, He followed his father's footsteps and became a Magister as well, but as he reached the peak of his career, His life came to be more corrupt than ever. He began rigging dealings with other Magisters, conducting horrifying experiments on several live subjects(see Vandere the Vampire), and creating plagues and viruses in his Alchemy Lab. After his first son Remy LeBlanc was born, He began extensively training him, but his magical talent was slightly below average, and the result when his son did not excel at it, was many beatings and in certain cases, temporary curses. However, when his second son, Artius, was born, and his natural talent excelled beyond reason, Artius was treated kindly and rewarded often, but soon he saw that his mistakes would be severely punished...He then turned gay

Relation to House BalmontEdit

Ariana LeBlanc, Sister of Elrick III, married a High Elven Magister named Alestus Balmont, and because of Alestus' relationship with Humans, Ariana was cut off from the LeBlancs and moved to Silvermoon, Alestus told his son Edward Balmont that the LeBlancs were corrupt, save for his Mother, and that their reckless use of Magic would be the end of them.

The Legend of the White WolfEdit

When Alanna, Artius' and Remy's mother was pregnant for the second time, the Mana Flame of the child in her womb, could be sensed already, and the result was quite an uproar in Dalaran. Some awaited the child with open arms, some awaited some sort of messiah, while some stood in disbelief, regardless, the Mana Flame of a magically adept organism usually is noticed around the ages of 8 to 12, To be sensed in the womb was unheard of at the time, but Regardless, the child was decorated with the ceremonial name "The White Wolf".

Birth & ChildhoodEdit

Artius Young

Artius, Age 10

After Artius was born, As soon as he could speak he was trained extensively in the art of Magic, day in and day out, and unlike his brother he was spoiled when he completed something within his training. However, Artius rarely got to play with any of the other children that lived near them, and His father felt that the times He did spend with his friends dumbed him down, so eventually he switched his station to join the Magistrate of Stormwind, under the region of Elwynn. Artius had no friends and therefore shifted his entire focus to his studies of the arcane.

The LeBlanc TragedyEdit

Upon Artius' 15th birthday, some two years after he had moved to Elwynn Forest, His father stopped personally training Him, because He felt that He had taught Him all that He could, So He sent Artius and Remy to High Sorcerer Andromath's personal classes. Artius and Remy would walk from Elwynn to Stormwind for schooling. One day, on the way home, Artius and Remy were stopped by a man in a dark attire. Upon one glance the man began choking Remy. "Soo... this is the boyyy..." but Artius immediately blasted the man with a spell and the Man dropped a book in his retreat. Remy picked the book up, and placed it in his Satchel.
When they returned home, Late at night Remy was flipping through the pages, Remy was Fascinated. Artius took one glance before he realized what it truly was. A Grimoire. He immediately snatched the book from Remy saying "This book is dangerous, Remy! I've read about them... this is Dark magic!" Remy laughed at him and said "And so it is, But didn't Dad say we should explore every magic we find?" Artius replied "Yeah, with common sense! This isn't anything that we need to delve into!" Remy laughed and went to sleep on his bunk, and Artius went and buried the book in a scarce area outside of his House, and then he went to sleep. And prematurely, He awakened. Only to look out his window to see a hole where the book was buried. Artius jolted out of bed in a cold sweat, he put on his overshirt and looked around the house. His father and mother were sleeping and Artius ran out to the central road in Goldshire, and then he began to look up and see Remy standing next to the Man he had seen on his way home from school. And in front of them stood an extremely Large Infernal. Artius looked at Remy... screaming at him "What have you done?! Why are you doing this?!" Remy laughed at him and said "This is the True Power, Artius. If you don't accept it now. You will someday..." And with that, Elrick appeared before the Infernal, and said "Remy! What are you doing!? I will not tolerate this nonsense!" Remy Replied "Father... Do I have your approval now?" and suddenly a Fel Fireball struck Elrick dead. Artius looked in disbelief and then Remy smiled. "Now to get rid of some loose ends." another Fel Fireball was blasted from the Infernal, and all Artius could see upon the Horizon was the flaming wreckage where his house was... and his mother was sleeping. Remy then Dismissed the Infernal back to hell. Artius fell to his knees, and looked forward at Remy and the man walking into the distance. Now Artius was alone.


For 3 years, Artius was under the custody of the Orphanage of Stormwind, but as he turned 18, He began to work as a professional Alchemist. One day, Archmage Sethrezin was in Stormwind, and sensed an immense mana flame. Upon investigating it, He realized that It belonged to Artius. Sethrezin pleaded the boy to train him, and at first, Artius Refused, but eventually he accepted.



Artius, Age 20

Reentering the Magical world was not easy, but eventually Artius' natural skill was shown more than ever. He began working 24/7 towards improving his powers, and His goal became more evident than ever. To gain power. To gain more power. All Artius wanted was to become so strong that he could overcome a tragedy like his own... And to be strong enough to defeat Remy. Sethrezin was fully aware of Artius' arrogance and overzealous attitude, and he continued to try to convince Artius to let go of it, but Artius also had a very hard heart. Artius was also aware of Sethrezin's concerns. Conversation upon Conversation about staying away from Dark Magics and Necromancy ensued. Artius looked at Sethrezin's compassion, care and Humility towards others as a weakness. Upon the months predating the Scourge Invasions, Artius met a new Mentor. One who promised Artius Power beyond reason. Kel'Thuzad. Regularly Artius began meeting with the Lich, and with that he learned to channel his magic with the feeling of Rage and Anger rather than Compassion and Humility. For two years this lasted, and Artius was then released from Sethrezin's Apprenticeship as scheduled, but Sethrezin already knew what Artius was different. He knew about his other Mentor.

Scourge Invasion & The Corruption of the White WolfEdit

When the Scourge Invasion began, Artius had learned all that Kel'Thuzad had to offer, and Kel'Thuzad began using Artius as a tool to wipe out the Argent Dawn strike forces in Winterspring and Alterac. The Argent Dawn had been ordering large groups of Heroes to destroy the Necrotic Crystals that were pumping scourge into Azeroth. Artius was sent to kill them all. The first time, Artius was hesitant... but the more he killed... the stronger he felt, the more powerful he became, Eventually it became sick fun for him, and as the months passed, Artius was given the new title of "Black Wolf" by Kel'Thuzad. Artius asked Kel'Thuzad where his brother was, so he could fufill his goal, and Kel'Thuzad had replied "He has become an Illidari, a servant of Illidan, and He resides in the Black Temple." Artius realized where his goal was going to lead him. Outland.


As Artius took his first steps through the dark portal, he saw the hellish plains in the horizon, He wasted no time in beginning to train in the hardened wilderness. Every single region that He entered, He trained for several months, until his powers had grown many times higher than his Azerothian training had. Sethrezin, his former master had also been hardened in training in Outland, a land familiar to him. Artius searched vigorously for Remy, but there was no sign of him, until one day, when Kel'Thuzad had reached Artius through a Dream. Kel'Thuzad had told a tale of Remy that was unheard. Remy had been in dealings with Illidan, but his aggressiveness with the fel magics that Illidan had provided him had scared an already paranoid Illidan, and Remy was cursed and banished from Karabor. Remy's manaflame was sealed and he was thrown through the twisting nether, never to be heard of by Illidan again. Kel'Thuzad assured Artius that despite Illidan's aid to Artius' quest, Illidan had no power to offer Artius, and Kel'Thuzad pleaded Artius not to seek Illidan's might. Artius agreed with Kel'Thuzad, because he had seen Illidan's folly and his failing grip on outland, as it was now populated with his enemies. Kel'Thuzad had one last request in the dream session, for Artius to travel to Northrend, and enter council with the Dark Lord himself, Arthas, and pledge himself to his service. Artius, with a smile on his face, agreed with zeal, as Artius was now completely lost, and all of his former comrades could feel it. His eyes were now glowing with darkness. He had become a great threat to all around him. Artius had one more stop, Karazhan, the tower of Medivh, where he would retrieve ancient artifacts and tomes of Sethrezin's former apprentice, of which he would use on Sethrezin as a first test of power.

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