Artrieg's shield rose to block the incoming blow, but it was too late; the Lich's ravaging claws struck a blow to his right flank with stunning force. Another came, unexpectedly, and it had cropped off his left ear, completely. It was now a bloody mess, but he had to keep fighting. Artrieg rose Stung and held his shield high, getting a few strikes on the undead. He jabbed, sliced, gouged, and finally, casted down a hammer, not just a hammer, the hammer of judgment. It fell upon the lich and casted it's holy light upon him, incinerating him into purple-glowing fumes, which arose to the top of the cavern. He sheathes Stung and smirks. "I am Artrieg Brightstriker. And I hope your journey to the Nether was made easier."

Name: Artrieg Brightstriker.

Age: 32.

Race: Blood elf.

Occupation: An undead slayer, Lich hunter, Paladin (Not a blood knight), and a protecter to all which is holy.

Alignment: Lawful good.

Allies: Penity Winterfall, though he seems to dislike her and claims he owes her a debt, he is with her for reasons unknown...

Weapons of choice: Stung, his trusted magic blade. The blade is old and rusted, and he has weapons of better quality in his backpack, it is an ornamental weapon, rarely used in combat.

Appearance: Artrieg is always seen in uniform; Mail armor, Sword and shield at the ready at all times; But he rarely uses them outside of contracts. He has long, flowing black hair, and a faint shade of glowing green in his eyes. He has no left ear, and doesn't care to explain why. A faint translucent aura of holy energy encircles him. Also, he is Rarely seen without Swiftwing, his Silver dragonhawk, by his side. His facial features are well defined, and his looks are fairly handsome.

Height: 6'8.

Growing up Edit

Artrieg had a wonderful life as a child living in Goldenmist village, but when the scourge were beginning to take over, his parents died trying to defend him. Ever since, he's had a seething hatred for them. He was an only child, and had no where to go, with the exception of Eversong woods. There, he began his training as a ranger, which he had always wanted to be. But, an unexpected attack had killed his trainer and all of his fellow classmates. His life was filled with hatred for the scourge and anything undead as he roamed the wood, hungry and alone. He learned to survive, which was hard for a young boy of 12. His life began to spiral down. His parents were gone, and his training as a ranger was gone, too. One day, while meandering in the eastern part of the wood, he found a dead corpse being eaten by a ravaging undead. Artrieg also saw that the man's sword was pretty close, and maybe close enough that he could sneak up and take it. Artrieg snuck quietly for the sword, and he finally got it. He struck the scourge with the magical blade, and blood sprayed out of it's back, and it was incinerated. The sword, however, remained perfectly unharmed, and the blood began to seep into the sword. It began to glow green, and Thassalan words appeared along the blade. "Stung" it had said, and the two handed (Well, one handed but because of his size at the age it was two handed.) sword was placed in the sheathe, which he found lying bloody and nigh ruined. But it worked. Artrieg sheathed Stung and new his purpose in life; To kill the scourge. At age 26, he had figured out something new about himself: Mana hunger. He began to feel a thirst, which water could not quench, a hunger witch food could not soothe. He had no idea what this was, until he came upon his first magical being, a Mana wyrm. His glowing eyes became brighter as he cackled, and he flayed Stung around until it was dead. A blue haze arose form it's body, draining it of all life it had left. It was transfered to Artrieg, and he was cackling maniacally about it. It was not until a few minutes after he had realized what he had done. But, it continued to take control, once a day, and fed off of lesser magic beings; Mana wyrm and Tender, mostly. It did no harm to people, until finally his Hunger was not soothed by useless Mana wyrm; He wanted more. He feasted off of a bard, who he manifested quickly. He kept this up for about a stunning four years, it was an uncontrollable feasting hunger. He would kill travelers, bards, pickpockets, rogues, and sometimes even a Ranger, of who he so envied to become, and manifested them. He was an evil, cold hearted killer. He eventually learned to control it, but his side begins to show when he is near potent magical energy. He doesn't need to feast much at 30, but when he needs to, he tries to feast from the ones he hunted so much; The scourge.

Present day Edit

Artrieg is not a Blood knight. He was gifted with the divine, and he didn't suck it from the Nar'ru like many others did. His divine prowess has come from the gods themselves; even if he thought they were reluctant to give it to him because of what he and his kind have done over the years, but he is different. He is now a full time undead slayer and Paladin, serving the light and protecting the justice, upholding the law. He has allied with Penity Winterfall, because he claims he owes her a debt for attacking her on his mana hungry side. He makes sure it won't happen again, he says. But, are those his real intentions? He highly dislikes her, because he calls her, "Tainted one" and "Corrupted one". His intentions are yet to be revealed...

Personality Edit

Normally: Artrieg is a kind hearted soul, who doesn't hurt anyone who is innocent and pure of heart. He is reluctant with alliance of the Horde, and is wary of the Forsaken. He believes that all the horde are savages. He prefers the alliance, and has been known to make transactions with them. He is not greedy, selfish, or rude, but he is a bit cocky and can be snobbish. He is cunning and quick of wit, and he is a very shrewd diplomat and a smooth talker. His ways of the holy light have taught him much, about others and about himself, and he is careful to choose friends. His evil, mana hungry side is JUST the opposite.

Mana Hungry: Artrieg is still quick of wit, cunning, diplomatic, and a smooth talker, but he becomes twisted and has a black hearted soul. He cackles for unknown reasons, and attacks beings with potent magical energy. Normally, this state of mind is held back, but when beings of greater magic prowess come along, he can sense the aura and come out to feast. Normally, after he feasts (Or tries to feast, like his recent attempt to devour Penity's magic) he reverts to normal, not knowing what happened until he sees the dead body before him.

Pets Edit

Silver Dragonhawk: Swiftwind.

Swiftwind was found with a broken wing, and as Artrieg tried to repair it, it began to try and fly. Artrieg admired it's determination, and adopted it. He named it Swiftwing, because it was very fast, and now he uses him to scout, and he can squack at magical energy, which undead seem to give off at many times. Not only is Swiftwind a pet, he is an ally.