General InformationEdit

Name: Ashaila Ma'Lid - Skyrose

Age: 22

Birthplace: Stormwind

Current Home: She owns a house in Booty Bay, but also shares the Captains quarters with Meliawen Skyrose, her wife.


Most people that know her consider Ashaila to be a beautiful woman, though she often does not seem to see it herself. Black hair that's just a bit tousled from adventuring and sea-faring, and a single green eye that seems to match that of her wife. Standing at five feet, six inches, she has a curved figure and a pleasant smile that she seems ready to give out.


Ashaila carries a profound sense of loyalty to those she is closest to. Despite her past, the near shunning of her father, and the loss of a daughter, she remains a vibrant member of the crew. Her potions and poisons have been a blessing to many of the Felsworn on too many occasions to count.

Aside from her roguish nature, however, she has a feminine aura of both beauty and grace that emits from her movement and speech. Even when armored, she displays this poise, often earning teasing from her fellow crew mates, which she generally disregards. (More to come! >_> Profile written and sponsered by Meliawen :D)



Ashaila was born to house Ma'Lid, a noble merchant family out of Stormwind. Her parents insisted upon her growing up to marry some wealthy man who would take care of her, and uphold her good name. She was destined to become a priestess, and would have, were it not for events turning against her.

She came to join the Underfoot Gang, where she fell in love with, and married Gabriel Shaw, the first mate of Captain Meliawen Skyrose. Not long after this, she became good friends with Meliawen, and also a man named Dag, and the three became practically inseparable.

When Ashaila gave birth to a baby girl, the child was named Valanomiel after Meliawen's dead sister. The happiness of this marriage was not to last, however, and shortly after her birth, Valanomiel was lost. (For further information on said child, see the profile of Periah.) (More to come! ^_^ Meliawen is writing this profile and such...)