Name: Ashir Starfall
Race: Night Elf
Class: Hunter
Age: 3200's
Birthplace: Ashenvale
Residence: Ashenvale
Affiliation: Silverwing Sentinels

Like most night elf men, Ashir was destined to become a druid. However, he found the lessons difficult and though he loved the forests of Ashenvale, he could not master the druid's path. Opting to spare his family the shame, Ashir instead retreated into the woods, earning a meager existence as a skinner and leatherworker. But times, as they say, are changing. The orcs' renewed assault on the forests meant that the Sentinels could not afford to be particular about their ranks, and Ashir came forward to lend his aid.

His constant companion is Whisper, a Teldrassil owl.

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