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Name: Ashtaar
Race: Troll
Age: She's in her early twenties judging by her looks.
Birthplace: Stranglethorn Vale
Class: Well, she does wear armor and carry weapons, but who doesn’t in this war-torn and crime-infested world? So her specialization is anyone’s best guess. She won’t elaborate on it either. However, judging by the ridiculously bright and impractical armor she favors, one would not call her a serious anything.

Appearance Edit

Even though she claims to be a Bloodscalp, it is obvious she is not a pure one. Her long red hair is tinted with a yellowish hue instead of being pure blood-red typical for all Bloodscalps, and her skin is of a light purple tone instead of the usual turquoise blue.

She favours red color to the point of obsession - everything, starting from her clothing and finishing with the smallest engravings on her weapons is of bright red. Even the steed she rides has been geared in red armor and tack for her.

She is attractive. Her face is elegant and finely shaped with sensual eyes and sultry lips that are often curved into an alluring smile around her long well developed tusks.

Her skin is flawless; her hair falls down her back in long well groomed strands, shimmering a healthy glow with each move of her curvaceous body.

Personality Edit

Arrogant, capricious and easily irritable she is an uneasy companion to have. Even those few who call themselves her true friends often find her company to be wearing - her snobbish and dominating demeanor, her unhealthy obsession with gold and her at times downright vulgar and amoral behavior irking even the most patient among them.

She is selfish, vain and attention loving to a flaw. She has a tendency of hitting on any passing male despite of the fact that often she doesn’t find most of them even remotely attractive. This tendency often leads to her being involved in messed up short-lived relationships, which usually end quite soon with angst-filled and heart-broken split-ups.

Ashtaar will not hesitate to use her attractiveness to her advantage, whether it is sweet-talking someone into helping in her questionable schemes, or just getting them distracted enough to pick their pockets clean of anything remotely valuable.

Her Past Edit

Her past is a mystery. She literally appeared out of nowhere, brought to Durotar by an old priest Hekimi, who claims to have found her wounded and almost dead not far from the path to Grom’Gol post.

Ashtaar herself rarely speaks of her past; only her most trusted friends know her entire story. Whatever is known to some is that some time ago she was somehow captured by human explorers and experimented apon for a few months.

By pure luck she managed to escape her captors, yet weakened and tired she could not last for long in the harsh environment of Stranglethorn jungles. Soon enough wasting her last strength, lost and surrounded by predators Ashtaar finally gave up her struggles accepting the prospect of inevitable death. That’s when the priest found her and took the pitiful miserable creature under his care and protection.

Even though Hekimi’s miraculous work has healed most of her severe mutilations, and restored her broken body into it’s previous strength and ability, tiny, gradualy fading scars can still be noticed under a very careful observation covering most of her body in a thin geometrical webbing.

Friends and Relationships Edit

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Speaking of miraculous escapes… Here is Ashtaar’s “pure luck”. She owes her escape from humans exactly to this curious little cobra. The snake would often keep Ashtaar’s company, while the trolless was kept in a small cave recovering from her recent tortures.

Despite Ashtaar’s best efforts, the cobra would refuse to bite her and end her misery instead making a habit of sleeping on the weak, sprawled on the ground trolless and often drinking blood from her numerous wounds.

The cobra, however, did not hesitate to attack the chief expeditor when he appeared in the cave to drag Ashtaar out for more “experiments”. With the man paralized within seconds of Ruby’s bite, Ashtaar gathered all her strength and crawled her way out of the damnable cave, disappearing in the night jungle.

Ash could not find a way to get rid or the annoying little stalker and - after a short while - she grew quite fond of the snake. And so Ruby remains with Ashtaar to this day; in fact, the trolless cherishes the little venomous creature above all her possessions, considering the serpent as one of her best friends.


Hekimi wiki

After saving her from a certain death, and caring for her destroyed and useless body for a couple of months, this old, sometimes very strange priest holds a special place in her heart.

Ashtaar is very fond and affectionate of Hekimi, and tries to maintain a regular contact with the elderly priest, often meeting with him and sometimes even traveling together for various periods of time.

And even though the weird troll often shoos her away, seemingly forgetting her after every meeting, she cannot find it in herself to be angry with him.