The BasicsEdit

Name: Atlus Realmwalker

Nickname: None

Title(s): Defender of the Hellbane Bloodline

Class: Elementalist

Race: Draenei

Birthplace: All that remains of Atlus's birthplace are vague discriptions.

Age: Unknown

Family: Parents/Unknown Adopted Brother/Arahadord, Adopted Sister/Leriqite, God Child/ Dath'anar

Alignment: Neutral Good

Religious/ Spiriutal Beliefs: Atlus believes in a "world of spirits" in which Shamans and Druids are able to visit. This would explain as to how he and Leriqite are able to communicate telepathically.

Affiliations: Sunpath Riders


Atlus has a very well structured figure. This collossoll being has a kind face and constantly wears the same content smile. It would appear as though Atlus never relaxes for he does not remove his armour or his weapon. But this is quite the contrary.


Atlus is a very well balanced man. He is a gentle giant, known to be kind, caring and compassionate. He will lend his aid, even if it is insisted that it was not needed. However, has also been known to be incredibly violent if he or his friends were gazing into the eyes of danger.

Despite his kindess, it is very dificult to form any sort of relationship with this man. He truly believes that his was placed on Azeroth for one singular purpose, to protect the Hellbane Bloodline. He feels that this duty is of the upmost importance and takes it very seriously.


Atlus, the mysteryEdit

Atlus's origins are shrouded in mystery. His age, family, place of birth...his entire unknown. Although he does maintain that he was born some time after the destruction of Draenor that mutated much of his people.

Aboard the Exodar, Atlus was a wise man. He would be visited each day by people seeking spiritual guidance. It was well known that he was a Farseer, a man who could see into the near future and had also had powers over the elements. However, he knew his gift of insight was too special to share unless he felt that it would do society good. So when he was asked to gaze into another man's future he would refuse stating simply "The future should not be ours to see."

Atlus spent his whole time aboard the Exoder only using his elemental powers when the Exodar was under attack. For centuries he traveled with his fellow Draenei aboard the Exodar.

The Omen of the new worldEdit

Atlus would spend much of his time meditating, allowing his mind to explore the stars and the heavens. It was during his time meditating that he recieved some of his clearest visions.

One day he had a most terrifying vision. What he saw was a world that had been leveled. Entire cities now stood as ruins and the demons of other worlds roamed freely. He knew nothing of this world except that it was called "Azeroth". Upon further meditation, he had another vision. Not of the future but of events that had already passed. He saw three races united against the very same otherworldly army. The Orcish Horde, the Human Alliance the Night Elven Sentinels. He was astounded to witness the lord of all demons, Archimonde, to be torn apart by the ancestral spirits of the Night Elves.

He realised that his first vision was of what could have been and the second was of what was. But there was something not quite right. He said quietly to himself "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Atlus had a strong feeling that there was another being on this world that was capable of bringing such distruction. There was also a lot of good on this strange planet and beings of great power. However he was searching for one in particular...

The Druid of the NightEdit

Atlus spent several months in meditation, going without food and water. He scanned the entire planet searching for someone. For whom not even he knew himself. Until one day he came across one particularly interesting soul. He found her at the peek of Ironforge Mountain amongst a group of people.

He watched this woman for some time and it wasn't long before he found that her name was Leriqite Dareseeker. As time progressed he began to sense a second being within her. At first he was confused by this but then realised that this second soul was an unborn child. This was about the same time Leriqite realised that she was with child.

Atlus somehow figured that if the spirits were showing him these visions, he figured that the woman and the child were of grave importance to this world. This woman needed to be protected.

Just as he begun devising a plan to bring himself to this world, he had another vision. It was only brief but the very image of the Exodar falling from the sky pretty much spoke for itself.

Atlus contacted this woman, telling her of these visions. He asked her to deliver his message to everyone she knew. That he and his people would soon become part of this world.

Fall of the ExodarEdit

Atlus told none of his fellow Draenei of what he saw. He felt that if they knew they would certainly try and prevent such a disaster. For him to protect the future of the this world, the Exodar needed to fall.

And so came the day he had foreseen. What he did not expect was as to how the Exodar would fall from the world. He watched as the systems failed. The ship was no longer capable of sustaining itself between dimensions (at the time, Atlus didn't realise this was all being caused by the Blood Elves). And so, by astonishing coinscidence (for except Atlus), the Exodar found it's way onto a world they had never been before.

Atlus spent several days exploring this new Isle before he met the woman from his visions. Leriqite was one of the first Azerothians to investigate the crash and to come meet her new aquaintance.

Present DayEdit

Atlus is a member of the Sunpath Riders, not because he wants to be but because he feels he has no choice. Though nothing could be further from the truth. More presicely, he feels that being a member of the Sunpath Riders would convinience Arahadord, Leriqite and their unborn son, Dathanar greatly. For this way they would be able to summon his aid quite easilly.

Atlus has abanoned Draenei society for the time being. It is no secret that he believes that nothing is more important than the lives of these Hellbanes. After recieving visions of a woman with a cold heart and the intent to harm them, Atlus is also on the look out for Fabien.


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