Atsa xiang



Name: Atsa
Race: Troll
Class: hunter
Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy
Age: 20
Guild: Bad Moon Rising

Physical AppearanceEdit

Atsa is a troll beauty, perfect form and figure, perfect skin, perfect hair – every males fantasy… There's always a price to pay for perfection. She lives in the here and now, she has little concept of future or past per se. She is rarely without Xiang, her worg, or Na, her ever so gorgeous mate (and honestly, they're made for each other, talk to Na, you'll see what I mean.).




Xiang Edit

This large black worg was freed from the confines of Shadow Fang Keep during one of Atsa's more exhuberant periods. Though the taming was rough he's taken a liking to Atsa and is a loyal companion and together they work like a well oiled machine.


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She grew up an average child. As she grew and matured her beauty began to emerge and her parents and guardians also noticed that as she aged her intelligence did not (at least not as fast as her physical self was maturing), the only thing she excelled at is working with animals. She was carefully guided along the hunters path and she soon displayed an uncharacteristic flair for the hunters skills. He basic schooling complete she was released into the "wild" though her parents had little hope for her longevity (little did they know). Atsa lived in the wild for quite some time, immersing herself in it. She’s taken many creatures as companions but all but two have chosen to return to the wild. She’s learned many things from her wild companions. She has an affinity for the canids, she understands them very well. Xiang is her newest companion and they’ve taken quite a liking to each other. Atsa has a decided feral tint to her outlook and actions.