Audreid Sleepstorm Edit


Audreid sporting the tabard of the Argent Dawn

Race: Forsaken
Age: (about 17 years old at time of death)
Class: Priest
Guild: Obsidian
Professions: Engineering
Relatives: (immediate family deceased)
Appearence: Audreid appears as a fair-skinned undead with dark purple-tinted hair done up in a bun. She has large glowing yellow eyes that seem like lanterns shining out of caverns in her face. She, like most other Forsaken women, stands hunched over, constantly exuding a sinister air.

Life Edit

Audreid was born about twenty years before the scourge ravaged Lordaeron. She was raised in a family of rogues who worked indiscriminately for a large number of employers. Audreid stood out from her parents and her siblings in that she did not display the knack for the rogue life that they did. Unlike her siblings, Audreid was gifted with the ability to touch and control mana.

Growing up, Audreid's closest friend was Ramerra, a neighbor of the Sleepstorm family. Ramerra was a few years older than Audreid and was entrusted by the Sleepstorms to look after their daughter. She voluntarily took up this task and over time became best friends with Audreid. Their friendship was strengthened and nourished by their common ability to channel mana. Audreid, under the guidance of the older Ramerra, learned to more effectively channel mana and use the channeled mana proficiently.

It was through Audreid's brother that Ramerra met her future husband Traumere Morrigan. Not long after the birth of Augustus, son of Ramerra and Traumere, the undead scourge began to sweep across Lordaeron. During this time Audreid as well as Ramerra stayed as close to home as possible while tending to the wounded soldiers.

When the scourge gained alarmingly close proximity to their home, Audreid was entrusted with Augustus and sent away further away into the countryside to look after him. Nearly a year after leaving with Augustus, Audreid herself was murdered and became a mindless slave of the scourge.

Undeath Edit


After being awakened by Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, Audreid was reunited in Brill with Ramerra, now also Forsaken. It was only after he awakening as Forsaken that Audreid began her first professional training in the priestly ways. Upon their reuniun, the two shared information to try to piece together what had happened to their respective families to little success.

Fallen Glory and formation of ObsidianEdit

Audreid was soon recruited by Ramerra into a guild known as Fallen Glory, which was at the time comprosed of nearly all Forsaken and was lead by Lord Cyneric Blackthrone. After the departure of Cyneric and the transfer of leadership to Ahtiyel, Audreid rose through the ranks of Fallen Glory to become Lady of the House of Relations, which dealt with intra-guild and inter-guild relations. In many ways Audreid ran most of the dealings of the guild at this time and held more actual power within the guild than Ahtiyel himself. Audreid was later encouraged by some of her guild mates to challenge Ahtiyel's power directly or form a new guild all together.

The latter was realized after a particularly embarassing blunder by Ahtiyel in fighting the Alliance in the Gurubashi Arena. Audreid and Ramerra left the guild, as well as almost every member of Fallen Glory, and joined Audreid and Ramerra's newly formed guild, Obsidian. Audreid was master of the new guild with her position of Guardian, with Ramerra as second command with the position of Overseer, positions both Audreid and Ramerra still hold.


Faol and Ramerra tending to a comatose Audreid

Ressurection of TraumereEdit

After the founding of Obsidian, Audreid came across the corpse of Traumere Morrigan, which she brought from the Plaguelands to Caer Darrow. Domini Sothant, a senior member of Obsidian postulated the idea that with his demonic training and someone as a source of light power, he would be able to ressurect Traumere. The ressurection did not succeed as planned; Traumere was animated as Forsakena and Audreid herself fell into a deep coma.

When she woke from her coma, Audreid was weak at first, much of her strength drained away while comatose. Over time, the Guardian of Obsidian regained her strength and resumed her training. She is now believed to be even more powerful than she was at the time of Traumere's resurrection.


She has recently had her hands full with managing a wave of new Blood Elf recruits and re-organizing the ranking system of Obsidian. She is also in a rather curious romantic relationship with fellow Obsidian member Faol Powell.

Personality Edit

Audreid is first and foremost, a capable person. She began running the guild before she was even officially in charge and retains this tactful form of management today. However, she is usually a capable guild leader after being a friend and guide for her fellow guildmates, protecting them from themselves and others. Audreid is usually a nice person, unless she is crossed. She is swift to deal with any kind of threat or unbecoming conduct to the guild. She executes her office quite dilligently in this regard. She enforces that members of Obsidian treat one another with the kindness and repsect that they all deserve unless proven unworthy of such basic conduct of decency.