Description Edit

Name: Avalaa
Gender: Female
Faction: Alliance
Race: Draenei
Age: Azerothian years uncertain, but approximately 300.
Class: Hunter
Professions: Miner, Engineer
Alignment: Neutral Good
Appearance: At just over 7 feet tall, Avalaa is about average height for a draenei, with an athletic build. Like most of her race she looks deceptively young, and one might guess her to be into her 20s by human standards. She keeps her hair pulled back in messy pigtails, and bits of leaves and twigs sometimes stick out of it. Her leather armor is somewhat better maintained, though it's still often scuffed with claw marks. Her body language is easygoing and relaxed, though her eyes betray a hunter's alertness. An arctic wolf usually follows close behind her.

History Edit

Avalaa was born on a world of ice, and though her people were forced to move on to Draenor when she was still a child she felt connected to the snow. Raised in the ways of the Light and the naaru, Avalaa - or simply Avy to her friends - always felt a strong bond with other living things. Her childhood on Draenor was relatively peaceful as her people settled into life on that world, though the adventurous girl sometimes found it a little too peaceful. The adults around her were happy to indulge her curiosity about strange new cultures from worlds they had visited before her birth, though it inspired a wanderlust in the young draenei. She also made a hobby of taming and caring for native animals, but she was often heartbroken by their relatively short lifespans.

Avy reached full adulthood just as the first orc attacks started, and over the next several years she lost her home, her family, and most of her friends to their escalating aggressions. Possibly her greatest loss was her beloved companion, a runt of a Frostwolf she had bought from an orc trader as a puppy. She eventually ended up with other refugees in Shattrath City before being chosen to take shelter in what became Tempest Keep. Though she was thankful to be alive and held on to her faith in the naaru, Avalaa felt even more cooped up inside Tempest Keep than she was before, and when preparations began to send the Exodar on a voyage she jumped at the chance to find a new world with new adventures, new wildlife, and new cultures.

Having been fortunate enough to survive the Exodar's crash, Avalaa found exactly what she was looking for on the world of Azeroth. She has already found a new companion, an arctic wolf she named Elric after a legend she read, and strange new friends to learn from in Emerald Mosaic.

Personality Edit

Like most of her people, Avalaa's faith keeps her optimistic, but the years of hardship since the orcs' first attacks have instilled a certain irony in the young woman. She is adventurous, mischevious, and at times confident to a fault. Her still-awkward grasp of Common keeps her quiet in social situations around those outside her own race, but her expressiveness hints at her true intelligence. Since arriving on Azeroth she has developed a habit of drinking more than is entirely wise.