Name: Avielynn
Race: Gnome
Class: Magess
Professions: Goblin Engineering and Mining
Age: 44
Birthplace: Gnomeregan
Current Residence: Ironforge
Specialization: Fire
Affiliation: Tinkerwidgets
Appearance: Reddish hair that hangs loosely at her sides, Avielynn is of average weight and height for her kind. Brown eyes gaze at the world in curiousity and a simple, child like innocence.

Personality Edit

Warm hearted and easily distracted, Avielynn is friendly, easy going gnome. Her eccentric behavior is somewhat puzzling though she means well in all her interactions.


Younger sister to Dewberry Fallengear, Avielynn was injured severely in a powder explosion while studying goblin engineering. Winding up in the infirmary for a week, her injuries caused her to suffer memory loss. Her older sister has tried her best to help her remember her past, but her memory remains spotty at best. Even still, Avielynn maintains a cheerful demeanor and a positive outlook on life.

Present Day Edit

Currently leader of a small gnomish guild called "Tinkerwidgets", Avielynn spends her times getting into mischief, much to the dismay of her sister and friends. When not wandering about the world, Avielynn likes to prepare home cooked meals for her sister, particularly pot roast.

Relations Edit

Dewberry Fallengear - Older sister

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