Avren Windrider
Game Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Hunter
Guild Bad Moon Rising
Professions Mining
Engineering (Gnome)
Vital Statistics
Height 6'1"
Weight 124 lbs.
Build Slim, Agile
Hair Dark, Golden Brown
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Alignment Neutral Good
Age 30
Birthplace Quel'Thalas
Current Residence Thunder Bluff
Marital Status Attached (to Leanaiya)
Pets Virgil (Wolf)
Vallance (Owl
Velyx (Big Cat)
Family Kael Windrider (Father, Deceased)
Ayla Windrider (Mother, Deceased)

A Bitter Beginning Edit

Despite his happy-go-lucky attitude and optimistic nature, Avren never really did have a memorable childhood, especially when the initial part of his life involved going through not one, but three Great Wars that shaped the World of Azeroth we know today.

Born as a High Elf in Year 0 to Kael & Ayla Windrider, Avren never had much of a chance to see his parents as both were heavily involved with the High Elven Army, for his father was a ranger, and his mother, a priestess. When the First War began a year later, Avren was left in care of a nurse during their absence. Unfortunately, due to the nurse's inexperience and ignorance, the infant ended up being ill-treated during the course of the war.

For days he would end up crying, and the nurse, not knowing that to do, would lock him up in his cot and sing badly tuned lullabies, hoping to put him to sleep. This carried on for years until the day the war ended, leaving Avren deprived and depressed. Fortunately, his parents survived and returned home safely, and upon reaching their home, they were shocked to discover Avren locked up again in his cot, while the nurse attempting to sedate him with a sleeping potion.

Enraged, Kael kicked her out of the house (literally) and slammed the door behind her, before releasing his son from his cot-prison and embracing him in his arms. From that day on, his parents vowed to bring him up as a proper family, and had immediately requested only to perform light duties for the army. Of course, the High-Command obliged: Kael had successful led an ambush team while Ayla out-healed many of the other priestesses.

Soon, the Windriders were living happily under one roof, and Avren quickly recovered from his previous torment. However, this happiness would not last long as the Second War begun. Having no other choice but to defend their beloved city, Kael & Ayla reported back to their posts immediately, but not before promising Avren that they will be reunited again as a family. Remembering not to make the same mistake again, they had asked one of their good friends to look after their son.

During the entire course of the war, Avren stuck himself inside his room, sometimes crying, sometimes praying, that his parents would come back home safely. When word reached his ears that the war had ended, he immediately dashed out of his home and ran straight to the city gates. There was much rejoicing and celebration as the troops marched back into the city, for a good number had returned safe and sound. However, there were no signs of his parents.

Avren slept over at the gates for over a week, hoping that they might come back with a different contingent. But on the last day of that week, at sunrise, his caretaker gently woke him. With a depressed sigh, he said, "I'm sorry to tell you this, my boy, but your parents... They did not make it. Their bodies were found in a camp. They were killed in an ambush."

Upon hearing those words, his heart shattered. His mind went numb, and he couldn't even think. Even the tears he tried to shed stayed in him. He was torn and broken.

Alone In The Shadows Edit

From that day on, Avren became a recluse. He kept to himself locked inside his room daily, only coming out for meals. The caretaker, despite being helpless in the situation, made sure to attend to the boy whenever the need arose. Sadly, Avren never thanked him once, yet alone acknowledged the caretaker's presence.

For years this continued, shutting himself away from the world, in darkness. Unknown feelings of revenge, hatred and anger flowed through his veins. At times he would mutter to himself, cursing and despising his parents' murderers under his breath. In his mind, he had grown a disdain for the Old Horde, but being only a young child (he was six when his parents were killed), he did not know better of the current situation at hand with the Burning Legion.

After five years, and after much thinking and reflection, Avren had finally decided that he would run away and hopefully end his fate. He concluded that had no purpose in this world, especially without his parents. When the sun finally set, he quietly crept out of his room and out of the house. Holding back his tears, he began to run without ever looking back, and stopped to catch a breath as he finally reached the gates of the city.

Avren sighed as he looked back. Looking forward, he inhaled deeply for a moment, and finally mustered enough courage to step out into the open, beyond the gates of Silvermoon. He had never ventured past the gates, for his parents had told him about the wandering dangers that lurked at night within Eversong Woods. Running, he quickly sprinted along the fields beneath the cold, black sky, with the stars that covered almost every inch of the dark veil. Moments later, he stopped again to catch his breath. Feeling cold and tired, he sat down and huddled himself next to the base of a tree. He sobbed quietly, for the feeling of isolation slowly crept into him. After what seemed like hours of silent crying, he finally went to sleep.

For days he ventured alone in the forest, eating whatever he could find edible, sleeping under whatever shelter was offered to him, and coming into a few close calls with the wildlife. He had fashioned a stave with some thick tree branch, and pocketed several smooth stones for him to throw. One fateful day however, Avren was walking along a ridge when he suddenly heard noises of animals fighting. He rushed off, and upon reaching the source of the noise, spotted a large lynx and a badly injured wolf, both growling at each other, ready to strike. Alongside the wolf was a pup, whimpering.

Avren crouched behind a bush and what he saw next caught his breath. The lynx had launched itself upon the wolf, and both stumbled across the grass, biting and clawing at each other. After a few moments, in one swift motion, the lynx had successfully dodged the wolf's attack, and in return gave a hard swipe to the wolf's nuzzle. The wolf whimpered, and fell to the ground, defeated. The lynx turned and started to inch closer towards the pup, licking its lips.

Without fear (and without much thinking), Avren lobbed several stones towards the lynx, and one finally hit right on the lynx's noggin. It scowled and turned, spotting Avren. Emerging from his hiding place and holding up his stave, Avren plucked up the courage and taunted the large cat. It might not have been the wisest thing to do, for the lynx was about three times bigger than Avren's little frame. It leapt, and with an unexplainable force, Avren jumped aside and dodged the pounce, and struck the lynx on the back after a quick recovery. Roaring in pain, the lynx spun around and tried to jump onto Avren again, but he quickly rolled under it while it jumped, completely missing him.

Again, Avren struck the lynx with his stave, this time landing the blow onto its head. The lynx whimpered, but fought back and broke the stave with a powerful swipe. With that, Avren fell and panicked for he had lost his weapon. The lynx slowly inched closer towards him, while Avren attempted to scamper backwards while still laying on the ground. He was finally overridden with fear, and the lynx could sense it in his eyes. His breath stopped, and the lynx leapt...

With a flash of grey, the lynx stumbled onto the side, and whimpered again. The wolf had recovered and intercepted the lynx in mid-air. With one final bite, the lynx howled in pain and finally gave up, limping away from the battle. However, Avren stiffened as the wolf turned around slowly padded its way towards him, and beads of sweat fell from his forehead. Gazing at Avren with its yellowish-grey eyes, the wolf bowed its head slowly, taking Avren by surprise. He extended his hand slowly towards the wolf, and gently touched the wolf's nuzzle.

The pup, which was standing by and watching the whole affair, suddenly jumped onto Avren and started licking his face. Laughing, he picked up the pup and ruffled its mane gently, while the wolf nuzzled him in return. Avren had finally made new friends, something which he would never think of in his previous state.


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