Awala Darkmane

Race: Tauren
Age: 18
Birthplace: Thousand Needles
Class: Shaman
Professions: Mining and Cooking and Herbalist
Height 7 feet

History Edit

It is unknown what her connection to the Grimtotem is. Her may be all black, but she has never mentioned her family or tribe.

What is known is that she served as a shaman in Ashenvale to combat the satyrs living there.

Currently, the young Tauren resides in Thunderbluff and has quit a large part of her shamanic duties for an unknown reason.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Awala has a very well-groomed hide. Her braids are carefully done, and her hair behind her horns is adorned with many small red beads. While her clothes the most fancy or the prettiest of things, they have been taken very well care of. Her clothes also tend to be in deep, dark hues, perferably red and black. She also has two stripes on either side of her snout.

However, the first thing most people see when looking at her is is her intense, hawk-like gaze. She rarely smiles or laughs, and generally has a expression of concentration on her face that borders on a glare.


Awala is not without humor, but that doesn't mean she cares to spend it on you. She is curt to those she does not know, like or respect. And gaining her respect is not the easiet thing to do


Awala never speaks of her reasons for leaving her shamanistic duties. She does, however, research constantly. The nature of her research is well-guarded, but as she does not travel often, she relies on others to get her objects of study or new texts.