Aysera Silwynn
Game Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Priestess
Guild Shattered Phoenix
Professions Tailoring, Herbalism
Vital Statistics
Height 4' 7"
Weight 82 lbs
Build Slender
Hair Silver
Eyes Yellowish green
Personal Information
Alignment Neutral Good
Age Equivalent to human age of 19
Marital Status In a relationship
Pets Muffy (Worg Pup)
Family None

Physical AppearanceEdit

At first glance, Aysera appears to be little more than a young Blood Elf who has yet to reach adulthood. With a small, soft and slender frame that seems to be composed of little more than underdeveloped muscle and some traces of baby fat, she stands at a less-than-impressive height of 4 feet, 7 inches. In order to make her appearance match her real age, Aysera's taken to pull her long, silvery hair into a single bun at the back of her head.

She carries herself with an air of grace combined with a softness that clearly marks a gentleness about her, making her seem almost fragile. Her right ear marks otherwise, however, as a large portion of it is missing - perhaps cut off as indicated by a relatively clean and straight cut.

Favoring comfort and practicality, Aysera is normally seen wearing well-kept, hand-made robes specifically tailored to fit her small body.


Unlike the rest of her kind, Aysera is a pretty humble person. When complimented on something, she tends to either ignore the comment, deny it, or say nothing more than a simple 'Thank you' while blushing. All the while, her mannerisms are very gentle and kind - almost disgustingly so as she'll put the needs of others so far above those of her own that she would even go so far as to hurt herself in order to fulfill their desires, if required.

Quiet and reserved, Aysera normally keeps to herself when in the company of unfamiliar people. But the same self-sacrificing tendencies still occur even with strangers, often getting her into trouble. This is mostly due to the fact that a strong sense of altruism and goodwill had been engraved into Aysera's personality since her childhood. Despite all this, Aysera still enjoys having a good time and playing around when given the chance.

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