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Tribe Alpha: Keryn
Den Mother: Dakana(Redwater), Merell
Tribal Council: Redwater, Yig, Saphiel
Tribal Elders: Brecken, Rajakumadi, Erinice
Guild Status: Active

The dark days are coming soon; some signs can already be plainly seen. The so called "Alliance" threatens our very existence. Ancient evils have risen in many places and new cults are springing up all over the world. If you are looking to combat these threats and any other enemy that dares to rise up; if you are looking to become part of a Tribe, and more than just a tribe... a family -- a family that will rise up together to confront the coming darkness and face the evil head on, then Bad Moon Rising may be what you are looking for.

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Out of CharacterEdit

Bad Moon Rising is a family friendly guild with an emphasis on role play and dedicated but not obsessive PvE progession. We hope to do the impossible: be an extremely large medium-to-heavy role play guild which is also preparing for battlefields and end game PvE instances while still maintaining high standards for regular in character interaction, team cohesion and tactics.

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Out of Character Edit

Bad Moon Rising was founded in January of 2006 (shortly after the Thorium Brotherhood server was created) by Tran'nok, Algora and several other friends from another server. Their goal from the beginning was to create a guild that not only excelled in PvE, but held true to it's role-playing roots no matter how large it grew.

Due to its casual style progression, BMR did not begin to reach its endgame goals as quickly as many other more hardcore guilds. Unfortunately, this led to an small exodus of members in the late summer/early fall of 2006. While this didn't cripple the guild, it significantly set back its progression in Zul'Gurub, which BMR had just recently started raiding regularly.

To compact these troubles, Tran'nok resigned as Tribal Alpha on August 17, 2006. In response to this, Algora, who'd long since went inactive due to time zone issues, returned and spearheaded a reconstruction effort, reforming the Tribal Council and modernizing the guild's bylaws. Redwater Fallinghoof temporarily took over the position of Alpha, but has since passed it off to Keryn Isenour as of late October. The unofficial position of Denmother, formerly held by Algora, was granted to Abindania Chill'wind.

Since that time, under the capable hands of the new leadership, the guild has grown to roughly 50 consistently active Pack Mates, with anywhere from 5 to a dozen fresh Cubs seeking membership at any given time. With the help of friends from the Night Vanguard, Hammer of the Ancients and other guilds, has conquered all five aspects in Zul'gurub and nearly defeated General Rajaxx in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, as well as mastering all preceeding 5- and 10-man content, including Valthalak and the other Tier 0.5 bosses. The guild remains true to its original doctrine: strong RP, a mature, family atmosphere, and freedom for individual characters to play the game the way they choose.

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