Name: Bakur Freehoof
Race: Tauren
Class: Shaman
Professions: Herbalism and Skinner
Age: 26 (approx. 19 in human terms)
Height: 7.4 ft. Weight: 540 lbs.
Guild: None

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bakur is of an average height for a Tauren, and his body is strong and muscular. His face is prematurely wrinkled, likely from grief. His gray eyes are sharp to notice minute details in his surroundings, and he always seems to be carefully observing something. His mane is a dark brown, and hangs over onto his shoulders haphazardly. A necklace of tribal beads hang loosely around his neck, and he will often check to make sure they still remain there. A large scar runs along the upper portion of his left arm.

A Senegal parrot follows him everywhere, and he often lets it sit upon his mane. It is tame, and fairly tolerant of strangers. Astonishingly, it has not suffered any battle wounds during its travels alongside Bakur, likely due to the careful attention the shaman gives it.

History & OriginEdit

Born in Sun Rock Retreat, Bakur and his family left for the Crossroads when he was still young to escape the increasingly hostile Venture Co. and the treacherous Grimtotem Tribe. Shortly after arriving at the small outpost, his father, Harutt Trueshot, who was renowned for his skills as a marksman, was recruited for an expedition to the dense jungles of Stranglethorn, which aimed to build an outpost. During his absence, Bakur and his mother, Sunn Dawnrunner, moved to Red Cloud Mesa, after a violent attack by quillboar made her fear for Bakur’s life. Harutt returned to Mulgore, sent to request more supplies and adventurers to help battle the ogres which disrupted their supply-line to Stonard. On this visit, he brought Bakur a souvenir – a Senegal which he had bought in the goblin port of Booty Bay. Only a few weeks after he returned to Stranglethorn, Bakur and Sunn received word that he had died, murdered by the savage ogres. Bakur was miserable, and brooded over his loss for quite some time.

The next few years were peaceful, however sad, with little excitement. Eventually, Sunn began to make trips to the Barrens, initially for supplies. Upon seeing the abuse the land took, she began to take more frequent trips in an attempt to heal the area, and drive back the creatures that corrupted it. Eventually, on one of these journeys, Sunn was captured by centaurs, and never seen or heard from again. This caused even more grief for the still-young Bakur, who was now without a family. Greatmother Hawkwind agreed to take care of him, and encouraged him in his shamanistic heritage. Eventually, he left the small village and traveled the plains of Mulgore, continuing his training as a shaman.




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