Bards of War Edit

What we Are Edit

Bards of War is a guild devoted to the art of music. We write songs, perform acts and of course, sing. If anyone wishes for a bard performance then we are who you should contact.

History Edit

The creators of the Bards of War we're originally fearsome pirates from the Sirensong Buccaneers. Sirensong Buccaneers we're great friends to the creators of Bards of War, Dageren and Balurn Mightysong. But, as time went on, fellow crew members left, were killed or never joined our activities. Once, the ship, Wailing Banshee, that was crewed by the Sirensong Buccaneers was bombarded by heavy marine cannon fire. We fought them off, but many holes were punched through our ship. As the ship was slowly sinking, and more and more people dying or fleeing, Balurn talked to Dageren about the inactivness. Dageren declared that he was going to break off, and form a new guild. Balurn joined him, and the two left the Sirensong Buccaneers and the Wailing Banshee aboard the last rowboat.

Dageren and Balurn teamed up with Antec, a Gnome mage, who was a distant relative and good friend to Dageren. They met at Lakeshire to discuss the problem; how to make money to make the guild. Balurn came up with the idea. Create magical items of cloth, then disenchant them to sell the much rarer magical essences. On the spot, the other two founders conjurede almost 200 pieces of linen for the scheme. We quickly formed a small group of loyal followers, and have performed very small shows for wandering crowds.