Basics Edit

Event Point of Contact: Zeakie

What: Summer Beach Party
Where: Tanaris, South of Steamwheedle Port
Date: Sunday, June 11
Time: Preparations and travel help to start at 7:30 CST (server time), party starts at 8 CST (server time)
Who: Cross-faction, please come unflagged!
Wear: Bring your prettiest outfits! Leave the weapons in the bags, and flaunt your fanciness. I know you have it in you. ;)

Events Planned Edit

Summer Sunset Dance Edit

Bring a date, or pick one up at the party! Dancing will start after the naming of the Sunset Queen & King (details below).

Raffle Edit

To go on throughout the night, various donated items will be raffled off. Each attendee will recieve 2 tickets (rolls) to use on an item or two of their choice. Need volunteers to help with this.

So far, the raffle is looking pretty weak. :( I have some things, but nothing awesome. I guess we can all take it with a grain of salt and enjoy it anyway!

Sunset Queen & King Edit

Nominate one female and one male (either faction) to be queen and king for the night! Winners will be announced during the event, and each will receive a prize (pending donations). Nominations to be submitted in this thread or via in game email.

Open Stage Edit

Designated area for those brave enough to sing, dance, tell stories, or share comedy with others.

Nekked, Unarmed & Drunken Dueling Edit

Enough said. :)
Xyra is to be in charge of the dueling, talk to her if you need information or want to help.

How can you help? Edit

I am looking for those willing to volunteer time and/or items. We need raffle items and prizes for various contests, as well as plenty of drinks and food (deviate delight, anyone? XD ). We also need people to man the different events, keeping things civil and fair.

Also, Warlocks will be a big help for those who need summons and compensation is likely.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please reply! This can be a lot of fun, so let's keep the interest going. I'll be bumping this, and advertising in game.