Statistics Edit

Name: Beansidhe (pronounced, "Ban-shee")
Race: Orc
Class: Shaman
Guild: Night Vanguard
Professions: Blacksmithing & Mining
Age: 20
Birthplace: Unknown
Status: Active

Description Edit

Her long, purplish hair is usually tucked into a helm that almost completely hides her face. What you can see of her eyes appears to be glaring. She moves stiffly, unable to relax; her natural fluid grace only coming out when in battle. Beansidhe wears a pouch around her neck like an amulet. It's grubby, bloodstained, and a little frayed around the edges. Occasionally, she can be seen talking to it. When nervous or in an unknown situation, she unconsciously fiddles with it.

Beansidhe has a near-fanatical devotion to Thrall, and cannot abide anyone speaking ill of him. She believes that he is the savior of the Orc race, and that without his guidance, orcs will devolve back into murdering savages full of blood lust. She also finds warlocks quite distasteful, but is learning to overcome her prejudice: Not ALL warlocks are pure evil. Just... most of them. She's slightly distrustful of any magic not derived from the earth.

Recently, Beansidhe has joined the Night Vanguard. She's learning to trust, although it comes slowly to her.

History Edit

Beansidhe was an orphan from a young age. Her mother killed in an ill-planned raid, and nobody ever knew who her father was. She has few only a few memories of her mother, and most of them are negative. Passed around from camp to camp and only half raised, she's never really had a home. However, she enjoys frequent visits to the Orgrimmar orphanage, knowing that if such a thing had existed when she was a child, her life would have been greatly improved.

Very little else is known about Beansidhe.