Bein Lhach ~ Benny BlueEdit

Race: Human
Age: 20
Birthplace: Hillsbrad Fields
Class: Mage
Professions: Miner, Engineer, Tinker, and Scholar
Affiliations: Citizen of The Forgotten Order.

Appearance: Benny is a tall fellow, standing at about six foot three. He has long blond hair that is nearly always kept back and tied in a neat ponytail. A pair of thin silver glasses frame gray eyes, and are often seen sliding down his nose. He carries himself with an unintentional confidence. Always observing things with a natural curiosity. Though slim, he looks like he is no stranger to hard work and labor. His hands, when not covered in gloves, are cracked and worn from long exposure to both fire and ice.


When one first meets Benny they would probably describe him as "shy." Quite, and most often keeping to himself and his studies. Though, when approached he is almost always smiling and friendly. A picture of old fashioned manners and hospitality. If Benny has a temper, it is nearly nonexistant and none of his Order nor his friends have yet to witness it. He is a gentle and kind fellow, with what most would call a "kind heart."


The Farm BoyEdit

Bein Edmond Lhach was born in Hillsbrad Fields. The youngest of four sons, Jesse, Morgan, and Emmett. His family name had no nobility or social standing to it. A simple line of farmers. That worked the lands and the orchards.

It was easy to observe, that Bein was different, from an early age on. The boy had a near "coldness" to his skin. Several incidents only further proved the fact. Such as the fateful day he was milking a cow that began to get unsettled. He reached up to soothe her, and the poor thing was frozen solid. His mother called him her "Benny Blue." For his icey touch.

Hillsbrad was not as peaceful as it had once been. On the edge of Silverpine and so near Tarren Mill, it was often the target of raids and skirmishes. The Lhach family did their best to stand against such. But times were not easy, and money was scarce.

Bein had always wanted to see if there was something more to this "gift" of his. But it was not something that his family could fund.

That is when, at the age of eighteen fate stepped in. In the form of a kaldorei woman by the name of Measha Anarore.

The ScholarEdit

Measha was passing through Hillsbrad on business. Doing odd jobs for the folks in Southshore, and the Lhach family offered her a place to stay. She had watched Bein, and seen that there was untapped potential in the boy. In return for the family's kindness she offered to fund his schooling. Beginning as soon as he was able, at Northshire Abbey in Elwynn. He was a quick study, and soon progressed to be a student of the mages of Stormwind.

He took up residence in the neighboring city of Iron Forge. Where he could spend days in the vast collection of books the library held. And learn more about the gems and ores he studied from local tinkers.

Everything fascinates Bein. And he has a strong desire to learn and know all he can. Ever studying, gathering samples, and taking notes. Even wildlife has found his interest and he has collected several specimens to study. Though they end up more pet than project. Such as a grey cockatiel by the name of Simon, and a large brown snake often found in his presence.

Life in the CityEdit

It was not long before Bein saught out his benefactor, wishing to thank her once more for the chance she had given him. She told him to think nothing of it and offered him a position in The Forgotten Order.

It is with the Order that he continues his training and studies even now. Always seen with some book or project set out in front of him. Asking Councilor Callence if he can bring large wild life specimens into the Wisps and Spirits Basement. For some reason she always says no large caged spiders.

He is most often seen in the company of a night elf priest named Akutali, whom most call Snowface or Snowy. Snowy is far the opposite of Bein, one could even say a bit of a ditz. Though the two compliment each other well, and share a very loving relationship.

He now resides in a small home outside the gates of Stormwind with Snowy, whom he recently proposed to.