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Name: 'Wing' Bekins Firewing

Race: Blood Elf

Age: Unknown

Appearance: A walking ragdoll would look better than Wing. Small scars litter her body, reminders of her life on the streets. The most noticable scar zizags down the length of the left side of her belly, a reminder of the cruelty that is life.

Occupation: Rogue, Spy, Petty Thief

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Wing's most recent tale of childhood is that it was fairly normal early on, except for the fact her father was strict, specially with money. She was clever though and decided to sell some of her father's secrets to his rival. She ruined him for a few silver. He beat her in an inch of her life and tossed her out.

Whether this story is even remotely true however...

Young AdulthoodEdit

Becoming a woman on the streets can be dangerous. For Wing it was no less so. After one particularly bad knife fight that left her near death, a priest took pity on the ragdoll and took her to a private room to heal her. What he took for services rendered... is anybody's guess.

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