Description Edit

Name:Oliver Doerr
Race: Tauren
Age: 20
Birthplace: Assumed to be Mulgore.
Class: Druid
Professions: Disenchanter/Herbalist
Affiliations: Sister to Chianne



Oliver Doerr is currently outwardly very cold to those she does not know. Unlike her sister, she tends to talk very proper, which can sometimes gives those who do not know her the impression that she is haughty.

Oliver Doerr knows that she cannot do much by herself, but as she is very shy, she has trouble asking for help or assistance from others. She never openly asks or offers her help, but she does try to give it as much as possible. She wants to feel accepted and help others, but sometimes she either isn't outgoing enough to do so. Her shyness is quite a handicap for her.

Oliver Doerr also bottles in her emotions, generally only letting Chianne ever see what she actually feels.


Bellesa is a young, pretty Tauren, with light honey-brown fur that fades to white in some areas and purple eyes. Her expression is very cold, which can drive off some people.

Her hair is in braids, carefully done each morning. When nervous, she tends to fiddle with them and re-braid them

History Edit


Bellesa cannot recall what her parents were like. All she knows is that a member of the Bloodhoof tribe found the pair fighting against centaurs. Her mother was slain before the Bloodhoof could help, but he managed to get her father with her in his arms to safety. However, he quickly succumbed to his wounds while being tended by the Bloodhoof. The toddler was then taken in by the Bloodhoof tribe, cared for by various people.

New FamilyEdit

While under the care of the Bloodhoof tribe, Bellesa quickly grew close to another orphan named Chianne. The two were very different, as Chianne spoke in a rougher tounge while Bellesa talks in a more refined manner. And where Chianne is outgoing, Bellesa is very shy. But despite their differences, the two orphans they quickly grew to care and watch out for each other.




Oliver Doerr is grateful that the Bloodhoof tribe took her in as a child, but she still feels quite alienated from them as they didn't always have time for a young Tauren. She does not resent them in anyway, but she does feel very alientated from them.

She knows that she should not hold it against the Bloodhoof, but she feel like she can't overcome these emotions of needing to be accepted and resentment that she wasn't. She has decided to leave the Bloodhoof tribe saying that she needed a guide to the ways of the Earthmother, and is currently searching for a new home.