Bellonich Grizzlehand
Game Information
Race Dwarf
Class Hunter
Guild Order of Proudmoore
Professions Mining
Engineering (Goblin)
Vital Statistics
Build Stocky
Hair Grey
Eyes Brown
Personal Information
Age 218
Birthplace Kharanos, Dun Morough
Current Residence Telaar, Nagrand
Marital Status Widowed
Pets Puanga (Polar Bear)
Gazro (Black Gorilla)
Gor'mogoth (Outland Raptor)
Family Merrilen Steeltoe-Grizzlehand (wife, deceased)
Flongar Steeltoe (brother-in-law)


Bellonich carries himself with a permanently angry demeanor. He looks as if he would barrel right past someone in his way, and he often does! The gruff old dwarf is not opposed to confronting anyone about anything that bothers him, and tends to aggrevate most everyone around him. No opinion is too small or insignificant to be shared, and so generally anyone standing too close to him will know exactly what he thinks about everything.

Despite this very rough, bitter exterior, there is a very soft spot in Bellonich's heart. To those he truly gets to know, he is seen as a fiercely loyal, protective figure. They often see him as a grandfatherly figure, even if he gruffly denies the label. His rarely-seen caring side is very kind, and buried deep down is a soul that respects and even loves all life.


Old FriendsEdit

Bellonich has made many friends and allies in his long, active life. Of important note is Dalene, a human paladin who trained under his late wife. The two of them often adventure together, and see each other as true family. She is one of the few alive who Bellonich would willingly give his life for.

Also of note is Kalinksin, a gnome who lives in Ironforge. Kalinksin is not an adventurer, but an accountant. He founded the tiny firm of Coinklinker & Associates with his wife, Widgette. Bellonich met him during the evacuation of Gnomeregan, and was vital in keeping the two alive through the process. As such, Kalinksin provides his services free of charge to Bellonich, and handles all of his financial matters.

When Bellonich followed Dalene to the Ministry of Pandemonium to make sure she stays out of trouble, he made a number of new friends. Prominent among them are Triel, a fellow hunter, and Larkwen, a steadfast ally who often joins Bellonich in the battlefield.


Puanga is a very friendly bear, considering his upbringing. His open and playful nature serves as a vast counterpoint to Bellonich's close-minded, grumpy personality. He is always at Bellonich's side, even in the most inappropriate places.

The young polar bear is one of the few things that can make Bellonich smile, and so he's worth his massive weight in gold. But Puanga's friendliness fades fast when foes are near, and he will rush into any threat to keep Bellonich and his allies safe from harm, no matter what.

Puanga recently took ill, mysteriously, and is being cared for by Bellonich's old friend, Thorgas Grimson. According to Thorgas, Puanga is on the road to recovery, but may never be able to fight again. Bellonich makes regular trips out to visit his old companion.


When Puanga was forced to retire from the field of combat, Bellonich went hunting in the jungles of southern Azeroth to let off some steam. While killing the vicious goblins of the Venture Company, he encountered a gorilla, caged and injured, being held in the encampment. Bellonich freed and cared for the beast, and nursed him back to health. He's been by his side ever since.

Gazro is large and healthy for one of his kind, now. His personality is one of constant mischief, and his playful and carefree attitude occasionally latch onto Bellonich, as well. The ape is loyal and friendly, always at Bellonich's side, whether to combat their mutual foes, or to provide a good laugh. Bellonich is truly fond of the large ape, although he will always have a special place for Puanga.


After a short time in Outland, Bellonich witnessed with horror the potential deadly and mutating effects of fel radiation on the local animals. Determined not to let the same happen to his companion beasts, he worriedly left Gazro back on Azeroth. Now, however, he was without a pet while adventuring in Outland.

After assisting the elves of Sylvanaar with wildlife problems, they asked Bellonich to study the local raptor population and report back to them. He had been watching one pack for hours, hidden behind a rock, when he caught movement to his right. He barely leapt aside in time as the juvenile female raptor launched from her hiding place directly at him. Bellonich knew instantly that this clever young raptor would be his new companion, reasoning that any beast that was born here was likely resistant to the fel energies by now.

Though fierce and deadly, Gor'mogoth (as he named her), has been a loyal companion and a powerful partner in combat.


The old grey ram took instantly to Bellonich, almost as quickly as the old dwarf took to him. The ram had actually served in the wars, like Bellonich before, and was being taken out to pasture. When Bellonich came by, looking to purchase a mount, he saw the old beast being taken around back. When he heard the tale, he immediately decided that he must have it. Bellonich knew what it felt like to be forced into retirement, and he bet the old ram would be more than willing to join the fray again.

He was, of course, correct. The grey ram took quickly to serving as a combat mount, ready to be back into action again. Bellonich feels a special bond with the ram, whose name is Frakson, and apparently, the ram feels it too. Now the great beast is always ready to respond to the call of the dwarven hunter, who is rapidly re-establishing his reputation.

Recently, Bellonich has had a new set of battle armor fitted for Frakson, and special war training given to the ram. Now, re-energized and ready for anything, Frakson carries Bellonich into battle with speed and pride.

Bellonich's RecollectionsEdit

The BeginningEdit

Ye want to know about de start o' me, eh? It's been a long time, mind ye, so bear with meh. As a wee lad, I was always drawn to nature. I grew up outside of Anvilmar, and tha's where I learned to shoot a gun. From then on out, I knew it would be me choice of weapon.

I quickly enlisted in the service of Ironforge, and had loyally served the King and our people for a long, long time. Still got some of dem ribbons, around...


I'll nevah ferget the day we met. I was young, prolly only 30 years old, when I was out scoutin', on order of the King. We had heard rumors of them nasty trolls in the area, so we was checkin' em out. Well, turns out, dey was checkin' us out, too! They got da jump on meh, and I was fightin' fer me life alone in the wilds. Then all of a sudden the air is filled with light, an' BAM! The trolls are on their backs!

Standin' on a hill, lookin' down the business end of a massive hammer, was the most beautiful dwarven lass that was ever born. She had thick blone hair, piercing blue eyes, and a braided beard that some men would be jealous of! I was in love wit' the lovely paladin right then and there.

After finishin' off the trolls, we talked. Her name was Merrilen, and she was out here meditatin', and heard the ruckus we was makin'. We walked together for a long time, tellin' stories, sharin' laughs and ale.

3 years later, we was married on a sunny day in southern Dun Morogh. It was the best day o' me life, 'cept all the ones with her afterwards.

A Peaceful LifeEdit

Merri and me, we lived happily in a small hut near Amberstill Ranch, alone and in peace. Durin' the day, I would go out huntin', and occasionally doin' work for the king and his. Me wife, she took to trainin' young dwarves in the ways of the Light. Never got a hang of it myself, but she was a firm and lovin' teacher. Many of her students went on to be great paladins, and great warriors. She never got out much anymore, but she never lamented that.

She used ta say, "The victories of me students is the victories of me own, so I am the proudest fighter in all o' the land." She was smart, she was. Smarter 'en me, fer sure.

This went on for, oh, I don know how many years. We would take in young dwarves, train 'em, and send 'em out to glory and honor. We'd occasionally take in refugees, lost dwarves, and even injured or orphaned animals. Got to be a full house eventually.

We never had time fer kids, I guess. Still, no regrets. Her students, and my pets, they were our children. Our gift to the future.

Tides of WarEdit

That happy peace got shattered with the comin' o' the green-skinned orcs. At first, the king dinnae wanna get involved, lettin' the humans deal wit' their own problems. But soon enough, wit' trolls and ogres at their side, marchin' towards Khaz Modan, it was clear we was goin' ta war.

Merri and me got lucky, I guess. We ne'er had ta leave Dun Morogh. She continued her trainin', takin' in humans as well as the dwarves she was already trainin'. I was part of a group that was ta watch the borders fer invasion, keepin' the filthy Horde outta our land.

The war went along, and most o' ye know the tale well. First, it was the orcs and their nasty allies, then the comin' o' the Scourge and that bastard Lich King. We continued in our duties, trainin' the young and defendin' the homeland.

Eventually, a relative peace settled. I was able to return home for longer stretches o' time, and Merri was seein' fewer and fewer students. I took to helpin' out with the trainin', and grew to see many of them kids as if they were me own. One in particular, a young human lass named Dalene McCloud, hung around long after trainin' were done, and always wrote letters from her adventures. She were a nice one.


But me and Merri were hearin' rumors floatin' about. There were some poachers in the area, a group o' scoundrels who was capturin' and sellin' baby bears, hopin' ta make a profit. They'd raid in, kill the parents, and capture the little cubs afore they ever had a chance to fight back.

Now, I'm all fer huntin'. But when ya do, ya make sure to be respectful. Ye don't leave the poor animal's body rottin' in the sun, and ye only kill what ye have ta. Merri knew how important this was ta me, so we set out one day to put a stop to it.

I.. I cannae go inta details. It's.. too hard. But Merri fell against them poachers like an avalanche, smashin' em up when we found 'em. When I was occupied wit' a group o' 'em... Merri... well... I...

I buried her outside o' Anvilmar, in a quiet little ceremony. The only ones there were me and Puanga, the small white cub who was the only survivor of the poacher's attack. We returned to our little hut up in the mountains, and I knew dark days then.


I lived like an animal fer years. I retired from military service, long overdue. I wouldna see anyone, and I grew inta a lonely, angry old dwarf. Puanga was me only company, and he couldn' even speak. It got to the point that I was afraid I'd ferget how ta talk. Solitude were me way o' life, and I wouldn' allow anyone to break me silence.

Then, one day, a letter arrived. I was tempted to just ignore it, but my curiosity was always meh weakness. It was from the ol' trainee, Dalene, wantin' to know how Merri and me was doin'. Said she was headin' through Dun Morogh on some adventure or another, and was plannin' to drop by an' say hello. Part o' me wanted to take the opportunity tah leave, so's I didn't have to face another livin' soul.

That said, I don't know why I was still there when she came knockin'. Turns out we both had some sad stories ta tell. She told me 'bout the loss of her sister, I told her 'bout the loss o' me wife. She stayed around for a while, but soon enough, she had ta be on the road again. Dalene begged me ta come along, but I couldn't. I was too old, too weak, too angry, ta leave my little self-made prison.

As she left, she said sumtin' that sunk in deep. She said, "You silly old bear. You know it would break Merri's heart to see you hiding up here."

I watched her head north, towards Loch Modan, alone. I didn't want ta leave, but even Puanga seemed determined to follow the lass. The next day I packed my bag, dusted off me gun, and set my feet on the road north. I had never been out of Dun Morogh, in my whole long life. Perhaps it was time start. "Maybe," I said, "I can make enough time ta catch up with her. C'mon, Puanga. There's a wide world out there, waitin' on us. Let's do Merri proud."

Visits to MerriEdit

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