Name: Beolne "Two Hands" Aeva
Race: Blood Elf
Age: Around 24 or 25 in human years.
Occupation / Class: Bodyguard (Rogue)
Professions: Leatherworker / skinner.
Current Residence: She claims she has a place in Silvermoon, but no one's ever seen it.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Appearance: Tall and lean, Two Hands almost looks as though she could have descended from a lineage of trees and poles. Her long form and quick, jarring movements often leave a catlike impression in the minds of those she meets, though whether or not she sleeps fourteen hours a day is still under debate. Oddly enough, her hair has been cut short, as if someone had taken a knife and lopped it off without bothering to make it look decent in the process.

A Strange Personality (Character Diamond)Edit

Apolitical?: Politics is the one topic this blood elf avoids like the plague, yet somehow, it ends up following her anyways. Her line of work has displayed a habit of getting her involved in the upper workings of Silvermoon's society, although she'd rather prefer it didn't.

Forward: As a strong believer in speaking your mind, it's no shocker that Two Hands is a bit more honest than the typical citizen - someone would say brutally so, at times. She tends to say exactly what she feels, although she is known to hold her tongue when it's really necessary (translation: when she's in deep shit).

Quick: Two Hands is a decent definition for the word "speed," both in the physical and, sometimes, mental sense. Her slight frame and light armor allows her to bolt like a bullet when she needs to, and her wits - kept sharp by years of cynicism - are just as fast.

Thoughtful: Think before you leap is a concept that's sometimes lost on soldiers for the horde, but Two Hands has made it a point to exercise this old philosophy. Although she used to be much more focused on action, nowadays she can be found sitting back and debating before she leaps into the fray.

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The History TabEdit

Two Hands' background isn't well documented, but by the way she completely disregards it, it seems as though nothing about her past is particularly important.

Previous WorkEdit

To the aristocratic and individuals of questionable reputations, Two Hands is a relatively well-known name. For the duration after the Third War, she's acted as a bodyguard and has proven quite decent at the job, while simultaneously managing to keep her hands relatively clean. Her girlish features often allot her just enough room to make her enemies underestimate her, a trick she uses to her advantage quite often. Despite her rogueish nature, however, she's never done anything that's beyond the restrictions of the law.

Her involvement in the Third War was extensive, though it's not something she often discusses. It's suspected her proficiency in her current profession is attributed to her experience as a soldier.

"Two Hands"?Edit

The nickname is a rather snide comment on her family's ability to lose their hands after being exposed as thieves. Since she's the only Aeva of the latest generation to not go around stealing everyone's posessions, Beolne has been granted the new and improved title, "Two Hands."

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