Description Edit

Name: Unkown. Adapted the nickname "Beserker" as a testament to the fury which he fights with.

Race: Orc. However it is unkown to all exactly which clan he is from.

Age: Unkown

Birthplace: Unkown

Appearance Edit

Violet Hair, burning crimson eyes, slightly larger than the average orc, and is covered with battle scars. He seemingly never takes off his armour, and is always armed to the teeth, even without his weapons, he could kill a man with the numerous blades and spikes attached to his armour. On the two occasions that he has removed the majority of his armor since his appearance on Azeroth, people around him have noticed the two deep crimson plates that seem to fastened to his skin with metal spikes. Aside form himself there is nobody who knows exactly what can be found under these plates. He seems to make little effort to clean the blood and gore of his weapons and the various blades on his armour, as if he purposely leaving them there as a grizzly demoralizer for his enemies.

Personality Edit

Beserker's personality is very much what most people would expect upon hearing his name, angry and hostile. He seems to care for little more than a good fight. There are few people who enjoy his company, as he barely speaks and what he does say is easily unheard as he speaks rather quitely outside of battle. He seems to care little for politics, and would seemingly prefer to kill a man than attempt to make peace.

History Edit

Very little is known of Beserker, the most anyone knows of his past is that he came to Azeroth from Draenor during the second war under the command of Ogrim Doomhammer, and is a veteran of both the second and third wars. There is much speculation that he from the now deceased Thunderlord clan as he can usually be found around Thunderlord Stronghold and much of his armor and weapons are adorned with lightning bolts and other such patterns.

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