Name: Bindasi Zul'dren
Race: Troll (Bloodscalp)
Class: Mage
Age: 19
Birthplace: Stranglethorn Vale
Current Residence: She doesn't seem to live anywhere in particular.
Specialization: Burn, baby, burn.
Relations: Bindasi is the sister of Vodral. To those who've just met her, she doesn't share very much in common with her brother, except a horrible accent and a mischievous nature.
Appearance: Much like the rest of the Zul'drens, Bindasi is fit from years of living in the jungle and stands a good head or two above most other trolls. Her hair is thrown carelessly over her shoulders, as though it were more of an annoyance than anything else. To her sibling's chagrin, she can typically be seen sauntering about in revealing swashbuckler's attire.


"She's a pain in de ass," her relatives would say, and most of the time they'd be right. This little mage is impish, intelligent, and worst of all, sarcastic. She seems perfectly at home with her place in the world, wherever it may be at the moment, and exudes a prideful aura most particularly noted when near the sea.